Bergdorf Goodman Face Off Recap

Bergdorf Goodman, Face Off, Jean BoorI don’t know how many of you were at Bergdorf Goodman for this year’s Fashion Night Out. It seemed like each floor was hosting a different event, but I think the one I was most interested in was their Face-Off contest. Makeup lovers (both professional and amateur) were invited to submit a face chart, and four finalists were selected to bring their face charts to life on actual models, in Bergdorf’s, on September 10 — in front of an eager audience, as well as distinguished judges Trish McEvoy, Catherine Malandrino, BryanBoy, and Hamish Bowles.

So it was perhaps with a measure of irrational pride that I learned that I quasi-know one of the four finalists, Jean Boor. (Irrelevant detail: she is SO pretty.)

A self-declared math geek, Jean has been working in the fashion industry for the past 8 years, but always on the finance side. She was actually the only finalist who isn’t a pro makeup artist. (You go, girl.)

“Makeup has always been a passion of mine, but not one I pursued professionally. In high school and college, I was the girl who did everybody’s makeup.” Jean laughed: “As we waited backstage for the event to start, the other contestants were swapping stories of editorial shoots and events they’d done. I had nothing to contribute.”

In fact, Jean almost didn’t enter the contest.

“To enter, you had to print your own face chart, and my printer paper was completely wrong for swatching. It was too smooth to show the colors. And it didn’t scan well… I wasn’t going to enter. But on the last day for entries, I thought, what the heck. I took a picture with my iPhone and sent that in — not at all imagining I would get chosen.”
Bergdorf Goodman, Face Off, Jean Boor, face chart
Jean said her look was based on the geometry of the face, juxtaposing light and shadow. She envisioned a bright pop of silver contrasting with blackened plum on the eyes.

Her plan was to apply Dior’s Chrome eyeshadow single over a Bobbi Brown Long Wear Metallic Cream Shadow — using Fix + for a really foiled look. The plum was MAC’s Sketch, combined with the plummy half of a Neutrogena duo. The black was also Neutrogena, she said.

She wanted a subtle, glowing blush (so as not to compete with the eyes), and ended up choosing a CoverGirl cream blush — mostly because it adhered well to her paper face chart.

But when she arrived for the event, she discovered an unexpected twist: the contestants had to use Trish McEvoy products exclusively.

“I was in a bit of a panic,” Jean says. “I hadn’t used any Trish products before, so I had to spend the first part of my 20 minutes quickly swatching shadows and testing foundations to find the right products for my look. I will say, though, her brushes are great.”

Bergdorf Goodman, Face Off, Jean Boor, final lookJean didn’t win (call me biased, but not the outcome I would have chosen), but she said Bank Natdanai’s winning look was more theatrical.

“He gave his model these gold foil beetle wing eyebrows — I actually have no idea how he got it all done in 20 minutes.”

And Jean did make a lasting connection with her fellow contestants.

“Bank and I have actually stayed in touch. We’ve had a couple of great makeup conversations, and I love talking with him about the different products he uses.”

So after this experience, does Jean have any plans to go pro?

“I can’t see myself becoming a professional makeup artist… but maybe one day I’ll be a product developer or makeup creative director — maybe even create my own brand? I’d definitely want to combine my love for makeup with strategy and business experience.”

Well, Jean, I’ll be waiting, (somewhat) patiently.

To see more of Jean’s fabulous work, check out her youtube channel.

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  • emmelyn says:

    I am so proud of you and very impressed :)

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