Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010

Bobbi Brown, holiday, 2010, displayI struck the jackpot this weekend: Bobbi Brown’s holiday collection, already out on display.

Before I jump in, you should know: this isn’t ALL of Bobbi’s holiday collection. There are still three more eyeshadow palettes (warm/cool/neutral quads, each with a baked fourth shade), gold and silver glitter eyeliners, and a whole bunch of red lipstick. There are brush sets; a posh-looking traincase; Saks has an exclusive palette — and I normally wouldn’t mention it, but Asia is getting several nifty-looking exclusive palettes that we won’t even see here.

I’ll swatch the rest of it as it arrives [EDIT: here are those extra palettes, brush sets, glitter liners, and red lips], and try to get pictures of the Asian exclusives (in case you have a friend in that part of the world). Meanwhile, here’s what’s on counters so far:

Perhaps the flagship item of the collection is the Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette ($75). Like last year’s Chrome Palette, it unfolds twice to reveal a hidden mirror (and keep lip products separate from eyeshadows). Interestingly, “Modern Classic” offers a much more diverse color palette than Chrome did.

I saw this palette over at Beauty Look Book before I saw it for myself, and if you’re a medium-toned, NC30-35ish, yellow/olive-skinned makeup lover, I strongly recommend you check out Lina’s review. It’s endlessly fascinating to me how different colors look on our different skintones, and I think I like this palette even better on her.
Bobbi Brown, holiday, 2010, Modern Classic Lip and Eye palette, swatches, Ivory, Oyster Grey, Antique Pink, Quarry, Taffeta, Birch, Heather Rose, Navy Charcoal, Gold Thread, Espresso, Grape, Pink Bouquet, Golden Topaz, Paisley Rose, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are also two “Day to Night” palettes, solid Bobbi eyeshadow basics in your choice of warm or cool. Both palettes are a pretty great deal at $45, but if you love one (or both), I wouldn’t wait too long to purchase: my Nordstrom is already sold out of the warm palette.

The texture and pigmentation was lovely on all 12 shadows — and in case you were wondering, Oat and Velvet Bronze are the only shades that can’t be bought individually.
Bobbi Brown, holiday 2010, Day to Night Palette, warm, cool, swatches, Ivory, Oat, Espresso, Burnt Sugar, Velvet Bronze, Black Plum, Flint, Charcoal, Petal, Rockstar, Gunmetal, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
If you like to go beyond the “basics,” Bobbi has two more eyeshadow quads to tempt you.

The Sparkle Glamour Quad ($40) contains four different Sparkle shades (as far as I can tell, these don’t have individual shade names). These all seemed like sheer-ish base colors with a lot of silver sparkle. Swatching “bare armed,” I experienced a lot of fallout, so you probably want to wear these over a base.

The Crystal Eye Palette  ($45) swatched beautifully. Amethyst (metallic) is an iridescent, glowy blue-violet. Diamond (shimmer wash) is a pale blue-purple lilac. Star is a sparkly white topcoat-style shade — but of all the “shadow topcoats” I’ve swatched (Dior, Estee Lauder), this one struck me as the prettiest and most interesting. Peacock is teal with gold shimmer.
Bobbi Brown, holiday, 2010, Sparkle Glamour Quad, Crystal Eye Palette, Amethyst, Diamond, Star, Peacock, Lipgloss Trio, Gold, Bright Pink, Kir Sugar, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
This year’s lip gloss trio ($40) offers three brush-style wand glosses: a sheer yellow-gold with tons of rainbow sparkle, a bright, warm, creme pink, and a finely shimmery burgundy-rose.

And finally, there’s a lipstick palette ($45). The shades include Roseberry lip color, Kir metallic lip color, Pretty Pink metallic lip color, Sunset Nude creamy lip color, Italian Rose creamy lip color, and Brownie lip color.
Bobbi Brown, holiday, 2010, lip palette, Roseberry, Kir, Pretty Pink, Sunset Nude, Italian Rose, Brownie, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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15 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010”

  • Ter G. says:

    Beautiful swatches Karla! ( As always! )

  • JoElla says:

    Oh Karla wonderful swatches!

  • Your swatches are AMAZING as always!!! :D Would you mind doing a blog post on how exactly you take these amazing swatches? :)

  • Serberry says:

    yes yes yes thank you for the swatches! I cant wait till they release in the Netherlands… I have to wait a month!!

  • Anitacska says:

    I want the Sparkle Glamour quad and the Crystal Eye Palette, both are so gorgeous! Thanks for all the swatches!

  • Carrie says:

    Crystal Eye is beautiful, but I just spent a tonne on MAC. Argh XD

  • Shusheshe says:

    Thanks for the swatches; I’ve been debating whether to get the Sparkle Glamour quad or not.

    The Day to Night Cool palette is available in Taiwan as well as the lip one but no sign of the Warm palette (which is just weird to me; if you’re going to release the cool one, why not the warm one as well?) or the Modern Classic lip or eye or the Crystal Eye one. I think I will get the Modern Classic set later on if it comes out.

  • The Crystal Eye palette is calling me. I’d like to see that $220 Couture palette swatched,lol

  • Andrea says:

    Lovely swatches, thank you. Do you have any of the eye palette that has all the small, round, bright colous in it? I saw that at a counter a few days back (in the UK).

  • KarlaSugar says:

    That’s the “brights” palette. We got it here last year; this year I guess it’s going to Europe and Asia?

  • Naomi says:

    Love your site! Thanks for showing us all the beautiful swatches. Do you know which dept. store will be getting the traincase? Date, price? I saw pics of it on another blog but hope it wasn’t only the exclusive for Asia! It looked like a black lacquered case with shiny red lining inside.

  • Ava says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla!

    I’m curious about the Asian releases – how can we find out about those?

  • Melissa says:

    Stopped by Bloomingdale’s in SF to get the modern eye palette. They are having some sort of promotion this week with a small palette that looks like a cross between the Day to Night Cool and the Petal Color Strips we never got here in the US. It also has a full sized Thunderstorm gel eyeliner and mascara. It was some sort of spend $85 on Bobbi and get the kit as a bonus this week deal. Worth checking out if you are a Bobbi Palette addict… like me.

  • Ms Laurence says:

    Hi from France.C
    Congratulations, You are the best to inform me (far in advance) of what I mgiht find at BB in Paris (cause I leave far in the South of France) for the end of year…nice pics and wonderful swatches : they are so helpful to choose what I will order and will receive by post from BB Studio at the Galeries Lafayette !
    Thanks again !

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