MAC Tartan Tale: Individual Items

MAC, Tartan Tale, displayFor your viewing pleasure, today I have swatches of the “loose” (non-paletted, non-bundled) items in MAC’s Tartan Tale holiday collection.

First up: the six powder eyeshadows. These don’t have a special name (like Starflash, or Pearlmatte), but they seem to have a different texture than other MAC shadows. They’re soft and smooth, but softly pigmented — almost like pastels, or watercolors. They remind me of Benefit’s Velvet eyeshadows (swatches here and here).

They’re also in larger-than-usual pots, and have a plaid-pattern (debossed with a few thin stripes of a contrasting color). The alternate colors don’t go all the way through the powder, so I just ignored the stripes and swirled my applicator when making swatches (I don’t think it affected the color at all).  These shadows are $19.50 each.

There are also three Tartan pigments (loose eyeshadows in screw-top containers). Later (black with blue and violet sparkles) is repromoted from the recent Alice + Olivia collection. Moonlight Night is black with emerald green sparkles. The Family Crest is very dark brown with mostly gold and some violet sparkles. I swatched these dry, but I’d recommend using them over a base (or even “foiled” — applied with a brush dampened with water or a fixing agent like Fix +).  You’ll get less fallout and the colors will be even more vibrant and sparkly.  MAC pigments are $19.50 each.
MAC, Tartan Tale, swatches, Golden Crown, A Wish Come True, Follow Your Fantasy, Enviably Fun, Semi-Precious, Glamora Castle, Later, Moonlight Night, The Family Crest, KarlaSugar, Karla SugarThere are two Tartan nail polishes (each $13), and I was surprised to really like both of them. Sly As A Fox is a bricky, cranberried fox red with a few tiny shimmers (you’d only see them in sunlight; it looks like a creme indoors).  Style Clan is a grey-brown, much deeper than Earthly Harmony, and with bigger, denser copper sparkles. I almost want to use these two together in a funky French manicure.

Tartan brings back the Pearlglide eyeliners (a super-soft formula introduced in Suite Array, repromoted in Love That Look, and expanded upon in Art Supplies). Because Pearlglides have sparkles in them, they’re not recommended for waterline.

Black Swan and Lord It Up are new shades. Black Swan is black with gunmetal silver sparkles, for an overall charcoal result. Lord It Up is brown with gold sparkles, a bit lighter and more golden than Molasses. Petrol Blue (royal blue), Black Line (dirty, yellowed, blackened olive), and Undercurrent (teal-blue with gold and green shimmer) are all repromoted from Art Supplies. Pearlglide Eyeliners are $14.50 each.
MAC, Tartan Tale, swatches, Sly as a Fox, Style Clan, Her Blooming Cheek, My Highland Honey, pearlglide eyeliners, Petrol Blue, Black Line, Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The two powder blushes are each $18.50 (and both Satins). Her Blooming Cheek is so outrageously bright it was difficult to get a “light” swatch. And My Highland Honey is comparatively less pigmented, so I found myself making a heavier “light” swatch to match Her Blooming Cheek. Naturally, I swatched them “light” and “heavy” to show you the real color and range of pigmentation.
MAC, Tartan Tale, swatches, Sly as a Fox, Style Clan, Her Blooming Cheek, My Highland Honey, pearlglide eyeliners, Petrol Blue, Black Line, Undercurrent, Black Swan, Lord It Up, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Finally, there are five lipsticks ($14.50) and five Dazzleglass Creme lipglosses ($18).

Deepest Wish (Amplified) is deep burgundy. Courting Lilac (Glaze) is duochromey, a lavender with a sparkly gold sheen. Full Fuchsia (Amplified) is a repromote of a pro shade. Cut a Caper (Lustre) is a warm pink. The Faerie Glen is beige-pink.

The Dazzleglass Cremes almost seem like different formulas from one another. Lightly Prancing (milky pale beige pink) and Soft Dazzle (soft warm pink) have big gold glitter. Passing Fancy (sheer guava) and Radiant Jewels (sheer magenta) have tiny sparkles. Gone Romancin’ (lavender) is frosty, with tons of silver and blue sparkles.
MAC, Tartan Tale, swatches, lipstick, Dazzleglass Creme, Cut a Caper, The Faerie Glen, Deepest Wish, Full Fuchsia, Courting Lilac, Radiant Jewels, Soft Dazzle, Passing Fancy, Lightly Prancing, Gone Romancin', KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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11 Responses to “MAC Tartan Tale: Individual Items”

  • Cathy says:

    Cut a Caper looks like a better version of Illamasqua’s Obey, yay!!!

  • S says:

    Very pretty! Can you think of any MAC dupes for Glamora Castle?

  • Semi-Precious and Undercurrent are my faves

  • Lindsey9107 says:

    Thanks Karla!!! Great swatches.

    I already decided after trying a few things on that I am getting A Faerie Glen. Your swatches made me also want Black Line.

    I have been wanting Nars Sex Appeal and their new taupe polish…hmmm, quite similar it seems to MHH and Style Clan!!

  • Yuliya says:

    thank you so much for the swatches!! =]

    is glamora castle similar to smoke and diamonds?

  • Everything is so pretty, but I am just not that tempted.

  • saku says:

    Courting Lilac, Radiant Jewels and Undercurrent are may favs so far.

  • Lily says:

    How is Faerie Glen compare to Hug Me? Thanks!

  • LU says:

    Thank you for swatches! I really, really appreciate it! You completely suckered me in by saying they remind you of Benefit’s velvet eyeshadows, because those are my favorite eyeshadows. However, after looking at the swatches I’m glad I only preordered the pink eyeshadow because I don’t like the other colors besides golden crown, which is a pretty common color, easily can be duped!

  • Alessia says:

    Thank U sooo much!!
    your swatches are the best as always ;-)
    love this collection <3

  • Promise says:

    How do I apply the pearl liners to my lower lash line with it running into my concealer?! I keep having problems with this! HELP!

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