MAC Tartan Tale: Sir Teddy

The Kids Helping Kids holiday cards are an annual tradition, but this year MAC has additional “KHK” items: Sir Teddy the bear and a Sir Teddy keychain. I was surprised by how CUTE they were! Sir Teddy has a little patent leather bowtie.

Viva Glam is the umbrella program (MAC’s incredibly inspiring AIDS charity); Kids Helping Kids focuses on children affected by HIV/AIDS. And as with all Viva Glam items, 100% of the purchase price is donated to charity.
MAC, Viva Glam, Tartan Tale, Kids Helping Kids, Sir Teddy
I thought the Teddies looked most glamorous photographed alone, but I also wanted to shoot them next to a familiar object to give you a sense of scale. The lashes are not included; they’re just a prop.

Sir Teddy is $15; mini Sir Teddy on a clip is $12.
MAC, Tartan Tale, Kids Helping Kids, Viva Glam, Sir Teddy

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5 Responses to “MAC Tartan Tale: Sir Teddy”

  • Kelsey says:

    Thanks for posting a picture of Sir Teddy. I’m glad I ordered him, now. He looks much cuter in real life:)

  • Hannah says:

    Awww… So cute! I’m defiantly going to order him when the collection launches here in th uk. I love that the proceeds go to charity, yay mac!

  • Annigjen says:

    Aww sir Teddy is so cut,
    I want the small one to put on my car key :D

  • Eli says:

    I am in North Carolina USA, How can I buy Sir Teddy?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    You might be too late, given how long ago these came out. Your best bet is probably to try a local Nordstrom (since Nordstrom has the ability to check stock in other stores around the country). You could also call a local Macy’s or Dillard’s MAC counter and see if they still have any.

    After that… you’d probably have to turn to ebay.

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