Marc Jacobs Bang

Marc Jacobs, BangIt was the funky bottle shape that made me stop and sniff Bang (Marc Jacob’s latest fragrance, and his first fragrance for men in almost 10 years). The bottle looks like Superman punched a silver plate — BANG!

On first (in-store) sniff, I smelled the black pepper immediately. I love pepper, but the scent was so masculine I didn’t think I could wear it myself. I obtained a sample to take home to Mr. Salt.

On Mr. Salt, the pepper is not quite so dominant. The fragrance smells like pepper and wood (pleasant, like sawdust), and an unidentifiable spice. It’s warm and masculine. This isn’t what Mr. Salt smells like normally (actually, I don’t think it’s like anything I’ve smelled before), but the scent suits him perfectly.

It’s apparently three peppercorns in the top notes (black, white, and pink), followed by a heart of “woods,” and a drydown of elemi resinoid (elemi is a tree in the Philippines, whose fragrance resin smells of pine and lemon), benzoin (resinous oil from the Indonesian Styrax tree, it contains Cinnamic Acid and Vanillin, which might explain why Mr. Salt thought he detected a note of cinnamon), vetyver (a grass native to India), white moss, and patchouli.

Bang comes in an EDT spray in two sizes. The 1.7 oz (50 ml) is $55; the 3.4 oz (100 ml) is $75.

It also comes in an after-shave balm (5.2 oz / 150 ml, $40), a hair and body wash (6.7 oz / 200 ml, $25), and a deodorant stick (75 g, $22).

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3 Responses to “Marc Jacobs Bang”

  • This is the first perfume bottle I really like. It really suits the name, looking like how a car’s bumper would look like after a crash lol

  • Wow amazing bottle, it looks so futuristic!!

  • waffo says:

    Really interesting bottle ! I don’t think i would like the fragance (it seems a little too masculine) but the bottle rocks ! :)

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