NARS Holiday

I was pleasantly surprised to see NARS’s holiday collection at the counter last weekend — also surprised at the number of Lady Gaga-esque shade names.

There are two new nail polishes: Pokerface, a limited edition lavender with tiny sparkles, and Bad Influence, a brown-grey creme that looks a LOT like Chanel’s Particuliere (which means, of course, that I want it.  Bad Influence is not limited edition). Both polishes are $16, and if you’ve never tried a NARS polish before, they are heavenly.

NARS’s fall collection caused endless is-it-or-isn’t-it limited edition debate. NARS has always done limited edition items (otherwise the line would expand infinitely), but in contrast to MAC, they do “long” limited edition. That is, the items usually don’t sell out and disappear within a week. The Multiple Tint blushes, for instance, have been available all summer. Moreover, I assume that if something does really well, NARS notices, and it may become permanent.
NARS, holiday, 2010, swatches, Pokerface, Poker Face, Bad Influence, Okinawa, Melusine, Etrusque, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
With this collection NARS introduces its first eyeshadow trio: Okinawa ($45, limited edition). The shades include a cool, shimmery, aluminum silver, a satin denim, and a matte black — and you get the most of the silver; a narrower stripe of black.

Eyeshadow duo Melusine ($32) is not limited edition. It’s a shimmery lilac-grey paired with a deep, rich plum.

Eyeshadow single Etrusque is limited edition. It’s a shimmery brass, or antique gold, and it’s $23.
NARS, holiday, 2010, swatches, Little Darling, Petit Monstre, Moon Fleet, Bougainville, Downtown, Sex Appeal, Oasis, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Little Darling lipstick is an extremely sheer grey pink-beige. Petit Monstre is a somewhat frosty rose-brick.

Moon Fleet is the only lip item which isn’t limited edition. It’s a repromote from a few years ago, a sheer yellow gloss with gold sparkle. Bright berry Bougainville is similar to fall’s Strawberry Fields, though Bougainville is more purple. Downtown is a frosty, shimmery purple. All five lip items are $24 each.
NARS, holiday, 2010, swatches, Little Darling, Petit Monstre, Moon Fleet, Bougainville, Downtown, Sex Appeal, Oasis, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
These last two pictures are identical, except that the first shows the blushes swatched lightly and the second shows “full volume.” Sex Appeal is a nearly invisible pale pink (and is a permanent addition to the line). Oasis is a repromote of a permanent blush, plum with gold sparkles. Both shades are $26.

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25 Responses to “NARS Holiday”

  • Steffi says:

    Cannot wait! Love the eyeshadows and nailpolishes.

  • switch says:

    Love the polishes, can’t wait to get them both!

  • Beautiful colors, I looooove the purple from the eyeshadow duo! :)

  • Must have PokerFace. The shadows are pretty too.

  • Pao says:

    Karla, how similar Daphne eyeshadow and the purple side of Melusine are? Thank you!

  • Patricia says:

    Etrusque looks lovely! And the Melusine duo is a must have, I think.

  • ying says:

    does the purple from the eyeshadow duo come with shimmer? Thx.

  • Jessie says:

    NARS ain’t available here in Malaysia, so the only things that I feel is worth for me to get it shipped here (they’re expensive!) are the blush. But, but, those eyeshadows look great :(

  • Noniek says:

    Love estruque eyeshadow. Want to get it soon. Thanks for the swatch

  • Marie says:

    I really like all this collection. :) I was looking forward to Sex Appeal blush, but judging from your swatches, I won’t get it because it’s too sheer.

  • saku says:

    O those glosses are calling to me.

  • KellyK says:

    sephora has these online, i just made my purchase!

  • elisabeth says:

    i have no idea how i shopped for makeup online before i discovered this site!!! you have the best swatches in the most true light, and i have bought a few items based on your swatches! love love love this site. anyways, i too wanted ‘sex appeal’ blush, but seeing your swatch, i’ll pass.

  • M. says:

    Can the blush and lipstick from the 2010 fall collection– it’s the soft matte pinkish brown blush one and rouge basque lipstick work with the eyeshadows from the holiday 2010 collection instead of desire blush and petit monstre?

  • M. says:

    Regarding my other post I meant instead of oasis blush not desire blush.

  • megan says:

    Do you think that the silver side of the melusine duo is similar to MAC’s Smoke and Diamonds e/s. Thanks, love your blog!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Pao: the purple side of Melusine is deeper than Daphne and not as blue (here’s a swatch: I also think Melusine’s texture is nicer. It’s a little less chalky.

    Ying: the second shade in Melusine has no shimmer.

    M: I’m sure you could make those work. Douceur is quite demure, so I feel like it works with a lot of different looks.

    Megan: Smoke and Diamonds is silver that’s been warmed or dirtied with gold. (Swatches: and Melusine’s shade is a slightly lighter, more silver grey, and it has a purple/lilac tinge instead of the gold. Maybe I’m getting too granular.

  • megan says:

    Thanks Karla!

  • Pao says:

    Thanks, Karla! Seems I’ll have to buy Melusine :)

  • Jean says:

    karla, is bad influence an exact dupe of particuliere? how do they compare? thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Jean: I don’t own either one, but they look VERY close. Based on the swatches, Chanel looks perhaps a bit darker and slightly more brown… but if you saw a girl wearing one or the other on the street, I don’t think you’d know for sure which it was.

  • MARGO says:

    never tried a nars eyeshadow…would be lovely.

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