Readers, I am so excited to tell you about an amazing opportunity.

The holidays are a great time for shopping — they’re also a great time for charitable giving. And thanks to a coalition of almost 50 beauty bloggers and brands, you have the opportunity to do both at the same time.

A group of bloggers has come together to form We’ve put up our own makeup for auction, and the winning bids will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders. If you haven’t already heard about MSF, they are an amazing charity. They provide medical care wherever they are needed — regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

To bid on our makeup (and let me tell you there are some SWEET items for sale), visit The auction is open now through Monday, December 20 at 5 pm CST.

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8 Responses to “”

  • Patricia says:

    What an amazing idea, kudos all around! MSF has a special place in my heart, a great choice.

  • Hanna says:

    Great! Is this open to all of us or just lucky girls in the States?
    ALso if you are so lucky to win an action does shipping get added to that?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    The auctions are open to makeup lovers everywhere (though you’re bidding in U.S. dollars, and will be responsible for that sum).

    The shipping is “free.” Whatever you bid is the amount that will be donated to charity: the bloggers are donating the cost of shipping in addition to the items themselves.

  • Leslieal says:

    Karla, this is a FABULOUS idea! I see some of my favorite bloggers have donated as well. :-)

    This must have taken a fair amount of time to put together – but an incredibly worthwhile project, to be sure.

    Karlasugar = Supergenius.

  • Cheryl G says:

    Hi Karla,

    I need to reset both my username and password on the site so that I can bid. Some weird stuff is coming up.
    Please help!

  • Cheryl G says:

    I figured it out, thanks.

  • Fay. H. says:

    wow its a great idea! I’m sure everything will go great as well! best of luck

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