Dior Holiday 2010: Minaudiere

Dior’s holiday offering this year is crazy. I visited five stores trying to track it all down — I found almost all of it. Let’s jump right in.

First, there are two eyeshadow quints (each $58). Five Golds (001) includes a champagne “topcoat” type shade (not entirely sheer, but not as smooth as the others), an olivey brown frost, a slightly chalky matte black with silver sparkles, a golden brown frost, and a cool silver-grey topcoat.

Endless Shine (529; identifiable as an “iridescent” quint by its final digit of 9) contains a shimmery warm ivory, a shimmery, warm light peach-pink, a shimmery golden (almost coppery) sand, a shimmery peach, and a soft black with gold sparkles. Endless Shine is not available in Sephora.
Dior, Minaudiere, holiday, 2010, swatches, Five Golds, Endless Shine, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The flagship piece of the collection is the Minaudiere palette (a minaudiere is a small, decorative clutch; this one contains three eyeshadows and two glosses). Grey Golds is exclusive to Saks; Pink Golds is available at all other Dior counters. Both clutches are $80.
Dior, Holiday, 2010, swatches, Saks, Grey Gold, Minaudiere, Pink Stiletto, Addict Ultra Gloss, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Grey Golds Minaudiere contains shadows in a soft black with green and gold sparkles, a satin steel blue-grey, and a shimmery, frosty warm white topcoat-type shade. There’s also a sheer wine gloss with red sparkles, and a sheer, translucent yellow gloss with gold sparkles.

I swatched this palette next to one of two Dior holiday glosses (Addict Ultra Gloss formula). Pink Stiletto (234) is a gorgeous, very sheer, warm pink with gold sparkles.  My late-in-the-day picture doesn’t do it justice; it’s really quite beautiful. This one is not available in Sephora.

Missing is Sephora’s exclusive gloss, 992 Black Lame. Both glosses are $26.50.
Dior, Holiday, 2010, swatches, Timeless Gold, Bronze Libertine, Czarina Gold, Pink Golds, Minaudiere, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Pink Golds Minaudiere (available everywhere but Saks) contains shadows in a muted, browned plum with tiny multicolored sparkles, a frosty iced lilac, and a shimmery pink-white topcoat. The glosses are pink with blue sparkles, and clear with TONS of pink and blue sparkles (it’s all sparkle).

I swatched this palette next to the holiday nail polishes ($21). There are actually only two holiday polishes: super cool gold Timeless Gold and brown-olive with-tons-of-gold-sparkle Czarina Gold (Czarina is not available at Sephora). Bronze Libertine is a Neiman Marcus exclusive, not specifically part of the holiday collection, but I thought I might as well include it.  Here’s a closeup of the polishes:
Dior, holiday, 2010, swatches, Timeless Gold, Bronze Libertine, Czarina Gold, Karla Sugar, KarlaSugar
Dior, holiday, 2010, sets, palettes, displayDid I immediately love Timeless Gold? You know I did. It’s a very, very cool gold, but it’s not a smooth frost. It’s got little shimmers to it, which make it just perfect.

All of these polishes are a new style from Dior. I’ve heard rumors that the formula is different (which I can neither confirm or deny, I have no first-hand experience); the brush is definitely different. It’s wide and flat like Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri or Salon formula brush.

Are you still with me? We’re entering the home stretch!

There are a handful of Dior holiday sets/palettes. The mini brush set you see in the display is $60, and contains brushes for foundation, blush/powder, eyeshadow, and either concealer or lips.

There’s a “red cannage” eyeshadow quad and a “red cannage” lip quad (each $44). There should also be a “black cannage” eye quad exclusive to Sephora, but I haven’t seen it yet.

And then (like every year), there’s a big travel palette, containing six eyeshadows, a blush, a medium pressed powder, a mini Diorshow Extase mascara, and a mini gloss. It is $75.
Dior, holiday, 2010, Red Cannage, swatches, eye palette, quad, lip palette, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Red Cannage eye palette contains a shimmery charcoal-brown, a matte dark cool brown (which reminds me of single Trendy Taupe), a shimmery iced violet , and a frosty peony pink.

The lip quad contains a super sheer baby pink, a mauvey rose pink, a bright Miami pink, and a second version of that pink that’s sparkly, and a little less bright.
Dior, holiday, 2010, travel palette, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
It’s worth noting that the lipgloss in the travel palette is Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash 662 Extravagant Grenadine, which you can buy in full size.

The only pieces still unswatched are that Sephora-exclusive gloss, Sephora-exclusive eyeshadow quad, and the Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in Gold Edition ($36, available everywhere, I just haven’t found it).

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6 Responses to “Dior Holiday 2010: Minaudiere”

  • JustMe says:

    The Lip-Palette is a dream!

  • valerie says:

    Ahh, the elusive Bronze Libertine. I might like Czarina Gold better, though.

  • Phyrra says:

    Thank you for all the swatches, they’re all gorgeous. Can the colors in the Endless Shine quad be layer over the darkest shade?

  • jbrobeck says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla! I picked up Timeless Gold a few weeks ago and have already worn it twice, unheard of for a laqcuerhead! I think the formula did change, it was actually a dream to use and dried super quick, but it was a foil-type polish, which is probably why it dried so quickly. For people that have a hard time purchasing gold polishes, I highly recommend it!

  • LittleMissMonk says:

    Karla, I know my question is for something from 2010 collection, but her it is. I was wondering what you thought of the colors (quality, pigmentation, whether they are dupes for most) in the red cannage travel palette. I’m asking because I gave this to someone last year as a gift but they have returned it to me (unused) saying that they didn’t think they would ever use it. At this point, I could still return the palette or use it myself. I’m still deciding. I would appreciate your opinion since you’ve used the colors. Thanks!

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