Estee Lauder Extravagant Giveaway

I heard a lot of love for Estee Lauder’s Extravagant Gold eyeshadow palette (swatches here), so this week’s giveaway prize is that palette, plus the winner’s choice of Extravagant Red or Extravagant Berry lipstick (ooh).

Rules and how to enter:

  • This giveaway starts today and ends Sunday, November 7, at midnight.
  • This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world.
  • A winner will be selected at random from the valid entries.
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post. Tell me one of your holiday plans, and what makeup you plan to wear for it. Maybe you’re attending a holiday gala, maybe you’ll be on vacation in the Caribbean, maybe you’ll just be hanging out with family… I want to know what you’ll be wearing.
  • Winner will be contacted by email, so please use an email address you check (addresses will be hidden, and will not be used for any purpose other than contacting the winner).

Good luck!

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286 Responses to “Estee Lauder Extravagant Giveaway”

  • Panna says:

    Thanksgiving marks my daughter’s first birthday so we’ll have a big party with family and friends. I’ll be wearing red lipstick for sure!

  • aclearcutsign says:

    It’ll probably be just with the family, so maybe a simple black liner winged look is dramatic enough.

  • Shannon says:

    since most likely i’ll be heading home to keep my dad company, chances are the most i’ll do is neutrals lol. let’s just say i don’t think my parents are used to me wearing mu…XD

  • Emma says:

    I’ll be home with family, so I will probably just keep the makeup fairly neutral.. But going out for meals and such – I’d do a gold smoky eye (with that palette if I won)!

  • Camille says:

    I’ll be visiting my family, so lots of red lipstick and retro winged eyeliner ! What can I say, I like to stand out :)

  • Amna says:

    I will be wearing false lashes (MAC 32 Lash) and liquid eyeliner (Guerlain Noir Ebene 01) paired with red lips (Laura Mercier Roman Moon) to the holiday parties this season. :)

  • Nina says:

    Nothing major, just dinners with family. I will definitely be wearing red lipstick and some dramatic liner.

  • Ellen says:

    Hanging out with the family. Will do neutrals.

  • Emily says:

    I will hopefully be going to visit my friend in DC for NYE. I think everyone else will be going for glitzy and smokey eyes so I think I’m going for a pin-upy look. Strong brows flawless matte skin (revlon colorstay), nude but contoured cheek (nars laguna bronzer), and full lashes (lancome difinicils) will be a must!

  • silvia says:

    I have the most beautiful glitter shoes that am going to wear with a royal blue mini dress. I will most likely do my makeup from last years Sephora ad campaign. I will spend the holidays with my loved ones

  • tpzhearts says:

    being with friends and fam, relaxing!

  • Nakia1124 says:

    i’m just going home to my mothers house. on christmas night other family will prob come over and i will wear some foundation magenta/reddish blush and some red lipgloss

  • Monik says:

    Next week I’m going to Phuket island (Thailand) for holiday. I’ll be wearing a lot of cute dress, short, and beach hat! And of course sun block and lip gloss too. :)

  • Dini says:

    Even though I will likely spend the holidays just with family, I’ll be pulling out my fave red lipsticks and maybe doing a smoked out gold-ish eye with black liner.

  • saku says:

    Maybe be home again,just wearing some sparkly lipgloss.

  • aclearcutsign says:

    I dream of a holiday vacation in Paris, wearing red lipstick.

  • Petra says:

    I’ll be spending Christmas Eve (we celebrate it on the 24th night, not the 25th morning) with my family. I don’t want to be over the top dressy, but classy and festive. I think I’m gonna do a fairly neutral champagne colour-washed eye with some dark es as a liner on the top (really enhances my eyes but it so much softer than a pencil/liquid/gel liner), some subtle blush mainly to sculpt (MAC Perfect Cheek or Personal Style) and do a bolder berry-red lip (MAC New York Apple- I used that shade last year too).

  • Liviana says:

    I will go to my parents, my makeup will be very neutral on the eyes and dark on my lips.
    Thank you for your giveaway!!!

  • Shannon says:

    if i’m going to end up partying before i head back home for xmas, probably going to use some of my R&R products (like the blushes!), and go with a slightly smoked out neutral eyes, with false eyelashes! that always opens my eyes up wide

  • Anastasia says:

    I am planning to go to Prague for Christmas as it is my fav city in the whole world!!! I am planning to be wearing very sheer make up at day -something like Erre Due shimmering eyeshadow and art deco lip gloss and at night I will be wearing smokey eyes done with the help of new MAC villains collection.:)

  • Therese says:

    This year we are celebrating our remodeled basement by having a “Mad Men-themed” New Years Eve party! So, I have the red hair & curves so I am going for the “Joan Holloway” look complete with Chanel’s Red #5 lipstick & a very nude-toned eye with a very filled-in arched brow! Now, the extra fun is going to be picking out an outfit!!

  • Sana says:

    we are going to have an end of picnic season open air party. just some bbq and huge amounts of mulled wine not to get cold (it’s about 50F here). so i will be wearing lots of weather protective cream and lipbalm

  • Nikolina says:

    I will be with my family for Christmas holidays and I won’t be wearing anything special. Just my comfy clothes for family gathering :)

  • valli says:

    I’ll be spending Christmas with my best friends this year and I plan on wearing makeup in nude colors but with shimmer/glitter for the occasion!

  • Susan says:

    I’ll be having dinner with friends; these friends are very stylish and avante garde so I’ll probably try something a bit out of my comfort zone, like dark lips or dramatic winged eyeliner!

  • Jean says:

    I might actually be meeting up with someone at a fancy restaurant (new plan, not sure; my plans keep changing!.) If I do that, (not sure if it’s a date or what but I do want to look nice)I’m going to go with the “I look good but I didn’t try THAT hard look,” you know what I mean? Haha. So, fuschia lips, very light glow on the cheeks, and then probably gold and bronze on my eyelids. That’s my go to for nicer events.

  • Anitacska says:

    I can’t wait to wear my new Dior Five Golds palette at Christmas, even if it’s just at home. I might wear it for a night out with the other mums from school too. :)

  • Eva says:

    My holiday plans? Dinner with my family and relatives! I would just wear a toned down smokey eye and pink sparkly lipgloss :)

  • Christina says:

    I will be with my family at home and I think I’ll wear black eyeliner and red lipstick.

  • Victoria says:

    For the annual family thanksgiving dinner i will be tackily matchy matchy with an orange/bronze eye look

  • Michelle says:

    I will be spending time with family at my house. I’ll probably create an eye look using the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III.

  • tpzhearts says:

    def. relaxing

  • Anna says:

    For the Christmas celebration with close friends, I will be wearing gold e/s and a red lip…so Christmassy =)

  • Stephanie says:

    My holidays are always boring. I just hang out with the family and cook. I always like to wear makeup (especially when the cameras come out), so green smokey eyes and pink/gold lips it is.

  • Monica says:

    I’ll be relaxing and catching up on some books. finally finished my degree!!

  • Lena N. says:

    I’ll be spending holidays with family and friends and I’ll go with a smokey look I always prefer to red lipstick, although that will also be worn on some of the festive days. I still use my Mac Royal assets smokey eyes palette :)

  • Nadia says:

    Will be throwing a Christmas party with the family so I’ll use neutrals or golds and maybe some holiday-themed nails :)

  • dana h. says:

    I will be with family for the holiday, will probably pair gold e/s with a red lip

  • Jae says:

    I will be with family for the holidays and this year’s theme is glam soooo, i’ll be doing nars etrusque e/s with something and pairing it with my fave red lips (chanel rouge allure laque in dragon)!

  • Ariel says:

    celebrating the holiday with fine food and wine… at a nice restaurant nearby =). Will probably be wearing the Guerlain Brun Mordore palette.. or I could be wearing the Estee Lauder gold palette (if I win it)!

  • Ann says:

    my everyday holiday look will be Bobbi Brown pewter eyeshadow with Urban Decay Eldorado gold eyeliner.

  • Shannon says:

    lots and lots of sleep, hopefully. mom’s all the way in china for 6 months so it’ll just be me and my dad…and the cat. LOL

  • Jean says:

    Hmm looks like I won’t be able to get the UD Naked Palette by time… So I guess I’ll wear the Stila natural palette instead, if I get it in time! Still hoping on the restaurant.

  • Anitacska says:

    I would love to wear the Estee Lauder palette with a red lipstick on a night out with the mums from school!

  • Victoria says:

    red lipstick with a very simple eye for holiday parties!

  • Jenny Sweetcheeks says:

    Even though I’ll be at home with the family on Christmas day, I’ll still indulge in full-on glamour makeup! I have blue eyes, so love a smoky berry eye with metallic gold flashes, a subtle pink cheek and a sheer mauve lip. Mind you, by the end of the night I’m always tickled pink with all the mulled wine and laughter anyway!!! Happy holidays xxx

  • saku says:

    Maybe will go shopping,and do a netural look.

  • Isabella says:

    I am going on a short trip to Austria and I’ll do mostly neutrals (taupey/greyish colors) with a pink blush to give some warmth to my face.

  • daniela says:

    I’ll be with my family and for shure will wear red lipstick and maybe a golden eyeshadow :)

  • Denise says:

    Love the smoky look that the shadows make! The colors would be perfect for day or night!

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