Introducing VMV Hypoallergenics

VMV HypoallergenicsReaders, I recently learned about a skincare-and-makeup brand, and I was so impressed by their story, I knew you guys would want to hear it too.

The brand is called VMV Hypoallergenics, and in a nutshell, they are rigorously dedicated to creating hypoallergenic products. Using a list of known allergens compiled by the North American Contact Dermatitis Group and the European Surveillance System on Contact Allergies, they created a rating system for hypoallergenicity. (I should note they created this rating system back in 1979, when the company was founded.) VMV products all have a “VH” number — the higher the number, the more allergens are excluded.

VMV makes skincare, sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, bath and body products, and cosmetics. Their stuff is fragrance-free, preservative-free, non-comedogenic, and thoroughly tested (patch tested, usage tested, in vitro, in vivo, and multi-year post-market case studies. But they don’t test on animals!). Their packaging is glue-free, printed with soy-based ink on 100% post consumer waste recycled, chlorine-free paper.

Most amazingly, if you are allergic to a VMV product, they will try to reformulate it for you, without the ingredient you’re allergic to. It’s part of their customization program — and they sometimes bring popular custom products into the regular line. Naturally, customized products are a little pricier.

There are only four brick-and-mortar locations that carry VMV in North America: two in NYC, one in Tennessee, and one in Miami. Fortunately they’re carried by,, and They also have a good number of locations in Asia and the Middle East. Here’s a link to their store-finder.

Personally, I am fascinated!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I just heard that VMV is carried by Dillards in Houston and Dallas (score!). You can find them in the following locations:

Northeast Mall – Hurst, TX
NorthPark Center – Dallas, TX
Woodlands – Woodlands, TX
Willowbrook – Houston, TX
Memorial City Mall – Houston, TX
First Colony Mall – Sugarland, TX
Baybrook Mall – Friendswood, TX

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11 Responses to “Introducing VMV Hypoallergenics”

  • Silvia says:

    Amazing tip, thank you :)

  • valerie says:

    Ooh, definitely going to check out this brand. Thanks!

  • Interesting! I generally roll my eyes & step away from products that claim to be “hypoallergenic” because, in reality, there’s no such thing. It’s a marketing term created by the industry; since humans can be allergic to anything (including sunlight & even air!) it’s impossible to say something is not allergic to anyone…and even if a company does claim a product is hypoallergenic, there’s no regulation, so it truly is something anyone can slap on to their product.

    Having said that, I’m very intrigued at the idea of the rating system this company uses- and the fact that they’ll reformulate their products to suit the client. This shows that they, in fact, understand that no one product suits everyone, which impresses me more than anything!

    Will you be reviewing any of the products here? I may have to hunt them down & do it myself if not!

  • Kristina says:

    Not to be obnoxious, but how is testing in vitro BETTER than testing on animals? =/

  • KarlaSugar says:

    In vitro means in a petri dish. In vivo means “in a living thing” — in this case, tested on people.

  • A Loopy Life says:

    Ooh, this is one of my favorite brands…so hard to find in the US. Thanks for the blissworld tip! Their sunscreen is amazing!

  • Reymondkix says:

    Yeah specially their armada 70 which has spf 70!!!

  • Nelly says:

    I used their armada sunscreen among other products and it was great even their makeup is sthing worth checking out especially lipsticks

  • shasta says:

    Oh, do try this brand. The Armada line is fantastic (I’ve tried the 30, 45, 60 and 70), while their skincare lines for different types of skin also does so well. Their ID gel is a lifesaver!!!

    I have not yet tried their cosmetics, though I know people who swear by their powder foundation.

  • Len says:

    i dont know how it happened but i developed lipstick and fluoride allergy 3 years ago. i almost gave up on wearing lipstick because ive tried a lot of different brands but they all makes my lips swell and itchy. good thing I found vmv! I’ve had great success with all their lip products! love their armada lip balm, skin-saving toothpaste and lipped creme :)

  • carms says:

    I love this brand! Their founder is a dermatologist in my country I’ve always been impressed with their products. I’ve been using their re-everything line and my skin has never been better (more brighter, evenly toned, rarely get blemishes). Their sunscreen is amazing as well. I live in a tropical country and I do a lot of outdoor activities and their Armada sunscreen is a lifesaver. Been recommending the sunscreen to everyone and so far all have been happy with it.

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