Tartan Tale Giveaway

When I polled to see which Tartan Tale items intrigued you most, a LOT of you expressed interest in the loose pigments. So this week’s giveaway is black-brown-with-gold-sparkles The Family Crest and blue-black Later (swatches here).

Rules and how to enter:

  • This giveaway starts today and ends Sunday, November 14, at midnight.
  • This giveaway is open to readers anywhere in the world.
  • A winner will be selected at random from the valid entries.
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite holiday gift ever (one you received OR one you gave. What was it? Who was it from/who’d you give it to? Why was it perfect?). Yes, I will shamelessly recycle your ideas into gifts for my family/friends.
  • Winner will be contacted by email, so please use an email address you check (addresses will be hidden, and will not be used for any purpose other than contacting the winner).

Good luck!

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288 Responses to “Tartan Tale Giveaway”

  • Megleigh says:

    The best gift I ever got was many many years ago, and was faux fur coat & muffler for my cabbage patch kid. Seriously. I don’t think anything has measured up since :-)

  • layla says:

    My fav holiday gift was a brand new bike that magically appeared under the Christmas Tree on the morning of the 25th. It was pink (every girl’s favourite colour) and extremely cute. Within a few months, I was proudly riding it without the training wheels! A very challenging feat at just 5 years of age!

  • Stephanie says:

    One of my favorite Christmas gifts ever was a toaster oven that my mom gave me. I think I would starve most nights without it.

  • Imene says:

    My fav gift was a gold bracelet bfrom my Mom.

  • One of my favourite gifts received was a book I had been searching for a few years. All the ones I could find were at market price and way above my budget, but my best buds knew how much I wanted it, and pooled to get me a copy :D Hardcover to boot :D

  • Angela says:

    A Christmas Tree for our house. My husband hated the mess, but he put up with it because I wanted one.

  • So chic says:

    My favourite received gift was a weekend trip to Madrid, including tickets for Momix (modern dance) and Les Miserables. It was unforgettable.

  • Petra says:

    Another favourite gift of mine was not exactly the gift itself, but the way it was presented to me:
    many smaller gifts for my birthday hid in our appartment by my boyfriend. I had to treasurehunt them down. :) He decided to hide them when he learned from me that my family never hid eggs and presents during Easter, we just gave eachother the presents. He thought it was a shame that I missed out on that. :)

  • tpzhearts says:

    my laptop, i use it more than any other gift!

  • Andrasescu-Scrieciu Adriana Camelia says:

    My favourite received gift was a ring that I liked it very much, but was hidden in many many boxes and I was a little disapointed first because I thought it was nothing at all

  • Elena says:

    Te best gift I ever gave was a t-shirt to my mom when I was in kindergarten. My teacher helped me make it and it was two stick figures (I couldn’t draw very well) of and mom and a daughter. I colored the stick figures with puffy paint. I am now 24 and my mom still has and wears the shirt. She says it’s her favorite gift ever given to her because it was personalized and built off love!

  • Edankb says:

    my phone, it was given to me 3 years ago and im still using it. because i cant be apart from that phone even for newer ones.

  • Shannon says:

    my new Droid 2 phone~ i guess it’s not really a “present” since I absolutely needed a new phone as my entire family is switching to a new service, but hey, my dad paid (or not paid for it, apparently he got two droid 2′s for free after rebate and instore promo). and he’s paying for the family plan, and paying for my utilities right now…he said that’s my birthday present, so i guess there it is XD

  • Jean says:

    Another gift that my dad gave me: He went to an academic conference in Japan, so I asked him if he could bring me back one of those traditional dolls (whenever he went to a conference out of seas, I asked for dolls.)

    So he went out the night before flying back (Dad had a tendency to do everything last minute,) and it was a real monsoon downpour. So he’s walking around soaked, doesn’t speak much Japanese, and he’s trying to find a handmade traditional doll.

    He finally found a shop, and showed up sopping wet and asked how much they cost. An astronomical price, apparently. But the shopkeeper felt sorry for this guy, sopping wet, speaking in his broken Japanese that he wanted to buy a doll for his daughter back home, so he gave him a steep discount and he brought it back with him in its glass case, a porcelain handmade beauty with hand stitched, embroidered kimono.

    When I got it I was ecstatic, and whenever I see it now (it survived tons of moving after that, I took good care of it) it reminds me of him and how he awkwardly expressed his love through these efforts.

  • Sara says:

    My favorite holiday gift was a dance solo from my parents. In my dance school when I was a kid, we had to pay to have a solo in the recital, and my parents paid for one for me. It was so special!

  • Lizzard says:

    Karla! My favorite christmas gift i have was the buying stockins for everyone and filling them with 5 gifts, one for each sense (i know it’s lame i already said it… but it really is a fave!)

  • Angel says:

    My favorite holiday gift ever was a handbag from my boyfriend. I think it’s perfect because i need a new bag that time and it’s what i want and like. It’s just my taste. White color middle size. Best gift that i ever gave was a pair of shoe for my dad. It was my first present and most expensive present for my family. =)

  • LH says:

    The best gift I ever got was when I was 16 I had been trying to save up for a leather coat literally for over a year and my mother surprised me with one for Christmas.It was totally unexpected. I still have it to this day and I’m 26.

  • Jose Lorenzo Manongsong says:

    My favorite holiday gift ever that I received was Santa Claus doll when I was a child. The toy is moving sideways with a light on his right hand. It came from Santa Claus himself only to find out later that it was bought only by my parents haha. It is perfect because every time I see it it brings back my childhood memories and remember my Christmas experience as a child.

  • SRK says:

    I think the best presents I’ve given recently were these really soft, cozy, matching ivory blankets for my mom and sister to use when we all watch cheesy movies together :)

  • Luningning says:

    the best gift I ever gave was a homemade card. I really do believe that the message you tell a person is already half the gift.

    Because without affirmation and confirmation that you are loved, any gift received or given is meaningless. Afterall, it is literally the “thought” that counts.

    It took me 3 weeks to finish the card. I wish I had a picture to post because I honestly think that, that was the best card I’ve ever made.

    In case you are wondering, coupled with the card is a teddy bear and a silver bracelet.

  • snow0016 says:

    The most perfect gift I received was a stuffed bear! I really want something to hug or lean on when I am spending hours on the computer.. lol.. and a friend got me the biggest bear she can afford! I have an idea though of what will surpass this. If I have my own money, i’ll buy a life-size stuffed lion! ^_^
    snow0016 at yahoo dot com

  • Johanna Tejero says:

    One of the best gift i received is a dell laptop from my brother its second hand but small sleek and lightweight. I can bring it anywhere i want to go.

  • Rhain says:

    the best christmas present that i have received is the comforter (warmer/blanket).. i easily get cold.. and its from the bf ^_^ (thanks sweetie)

  • Teenay says:

    The best holiday gift I recieve was a personalized letter from my boyfriend it is made up of cut outs and pictures from magazines and it is laminated. Instated in the letter is a simple greetings and words to describe how much he really love me. so sweet that I cant imagine that guys can do girly plans.

  • Jamaine Tolentino says:

    The best holiday gift that I’ve given to each of my best-est girlfriends was a personalized tumbler which has our pictures as its design. I think that it is reall perfect because despite of the fact that it is a actually cheap, I saw the warmth and happiness in their faces when they opened the gift. Well, it is really the thought that counts. And when give a gift, it must really come from your heart.

  • Lea Camille says:

    The best holiday gift I’ve received was the happiest and the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen to the children with cerebral palsy in a home where they are taken care of when we went there to feed and visit them. they are such an angels that touched our hearts..

  • One of my fav gifts was a book I wanted a long time but haven’t had money for and my boyfriend knew and bought the book for me!

  • Eva B. says:

    My fav holiday gift was a bracelet from my little brother when he was 3 years old (I was 7) :) …a nice Xmas present, surely the best I received.

  • ria grace says:

    My favorite holiday gift was last xmas present it was a DSLR Sony Cam which I have been lemming to get because I loved taking pictures and I cant afford to save money to buy an expensive camera. It was given to me by my boyfriend. Its a perfect gift since, Iam planning to take a trip around Asia these coming holiday :) so its gonna be fun fun fun :)

  • Lizzard says:

    this year for christmas i’m making all the women jewelry. i think that’ll be really special :)

  • saku says:

    It was a doll and some little cute things. It wasone of the angel tree gifts for a child. It would be nice for them.

  • Marce says:

    One of the gifts I remember giving to all my family was home made magnets! I was less than 10 years old and didn’t count on pocket money. My grandma, auntie and mum and dad still keep them :)

  • Petra says:

    As a kid I was obsessed with Barbies. Then I slowly started losing interest, but I remember that I saw a commercial for a balerina Barbie, that had bendable legs, arms, and a crown with which you could make her spin. I really wanted her, and I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get it, since I had already receuved all my Christmas gifts by tehn, only one was left, from my grandparents. I was sure it was gonna be one of those knock-off Barbies,but nope, I got the one I wanted (she was my last Barbie :) ).

  • Victoria says:

    When I was 9 I got a HUGE lego set. You could never find a happier child

  • Jean says:

    When I was seventeen, I went shopping with my mum in Seoul. I wasn’t very close to her, I’m still not very close to her, but I was striving, and it was her birthday. I was looking around and trying to find something that she would like and something that was within my price range (I was working as a receptionist at a dental clinic.) I found the perfect hair clip (the huge ones that hold all your hair back) in a beautiful rose pink lucite with a butterfly motif on the right end. It was absolutely gorgeous, with tastefully placed crystals. It was 100 dollars (translated from Korean currency) but I bargained it down to thirty! (Yes, the bargaining system is well and alive in Seoul.) She absolutely loved it and wore her long wavy hair back with it. :-)

  • styleezta says:

    I received a glass heart with gold flakes for christmas once :)

  • Jaime Leah says:

    The year before last my husband photo shopped pictures of the two of us as kids (in our pjs no less) together and put it on a Christmas ornament. We always joke that we would have been best friends as kids and now it looks like we really were.

  • Lisa says:

    My favorite gift ever was from my husband. He snuck back to a quaint, nearby town (about an hour away) to a jewelry store there and purchased a custom-made sapphire necklace and earrings to match. Now, this is a man who pays absolutely NO attention to jewelry! And we usually purchase our own gifts! On Christmas Day, in front of my family, I opened the box, saw the gifts and started crying. Everyone was shocked because I am not a crier, but it was a wonderful, sweet surprise!

  • Zahraa says:

    The best gift I have gotten was from my father, it was a blackberry curve which I have been wanting for so long!

  • Lisa says:

    The best christmas gift I have ever gotten was a bag full of selfmade cookies from my sister when she was about 6 years old :-)

  • Paula says:

    My 2 sisters and I gave our mom a gift but what she loved most was the Christmas card that went along with it. It was one of those giant cards you can buy from the bookstore. We filled it with letters and stories and messages we can think of (yup, cheesy, I know)…all done in our tiny, messy handwriting. It took us a few days to finish writing on the card (we filled both sides)but her reaction when she read the card was all worth it.

  • my then-fiance (now my husband :) ) proposed to me during the holidays..couldn’t think of any better gift until now..:)

  • Kriseline says:

    The best gift I got from my dad were a pair of UGG Boots. It is the best gift coz’ it was my dream boots for the longest time but it was so expensive that I kept thinking if I should still get it. Then one day, my dad came home and surprised me with it. Getting that boots made me light up so much and I still cant believe I finally got it!

  • My sis will still be stuck using crutches this Christmas, and since she won’t ever get to do her wall climbing any more (shattered kneecap), I’m going to get her a DIYed Craft Kit so hopefully she can get another hobby.

  • Steph says:

    A gift from my mom: a shopping spree, spa day..the best part was spending time with her.

  • Stephanie says:

    The best holiday gift that I’ve ever gotten was a toaster oven from my mom. Boring and practical, but I use it almost every single day.

  • tpzhearts says:

    my cell phone from my parents :)

  • Michelle says:

    My fav holiday gift was a Burberry wallet from my parents (:

  • Grace says:

    My favorite gifts are always the cards my boyfriend gives me. He always makes them, so they are usually even more special to me than the gift itself!

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