Chanel Spring 2011

Chanel, spring, 2011, displayFound my first real “spring” collection at the mall this past weekend! I think people have been excited for Chanel spring since the first images of the eyeshadow palettes made their way across the web.

If this collection has one signature piece, it’s probably the limited edition, five-shade Ombrees Perlees de Chanel eyeshadow palette ($65). This palette is all shimmery. The shades are a somewhat sheer shimmery white, shimmery subdued pink, shimmery black-violet, shimmery green-grey (with purple sparkles), and shimmery charcoal. The texture is somewhere between Dior’s iridescent quints and that of their “topcoat” shades. The Ombrees Perlees shadows are powder, but perhaps a bit more crumbly than usual (or maybe this tester had been attacked). According to Cafe Makeup, this palette is more about the pearl finish than heavy pigment.

There’s a new, permanent Precision Eye Definer (eyeliner pencil): reflective gunmetal Gris Scintillant ($28). I generally prefer matte eyeliners to metallic, shimmery, or reflective ones. I want my eyeliner to darken my lashline, creating the illusion of fuller lashes.

There’s also a new, permanent, U.S.-exclusive eyeshadow quad: Regard Perle ($56). The shades are very-dark, almost black/grey green with a few sparkles; satin pink, satin beige-peach, and satin white.
Chanel, spring, 2011, swatches, Ombrees, Perlees de Chanel, Regard Perle, eyeshadow palette, Gris Scintillant, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I was (naturally) excited to hear about the new Joues Contraste blush. Espiegle is a peached pink with gold sparkles. The shade is also U.S. only (so don’t look for a baked version). Joues Contraste blushes are $42, and Espiegle is permanent.

When I swatched Chanel’s holiday collection, I wondered about the “flagship” piece (in a holiday collection, it’s usually a highlighter). So I was amused to see the limited edition highlighter in this collection. Did Rose Merveille get delayed by a season?

Rose Merveille is beige-white with silver sparkles, the Poudre Universelle Compact formula/packaging. It is $44 — quite reasonable for a limited edition highlighter.
Chanel, spring, 2011, swatches, Espiegle, Rose Merveille, Pearl Drop, Peche Nacree, Black Pearl, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are also three spring nail polishes ($23 each). Pearl Drop is a pearly white that reflects gold. Peche Nacree is peach-pink. Black Pearl is Tahitian pearl: a green-blue grey. All three are frost finish.

And finally, it wouldn’t be spring without some peach-pink lips. I’ve heard conflicting reports on the lifespan of these lipsticks. My sales associate was sure that the new Rouge Allures, Rouge Cocos, lip liners, and Glossimers were permanent. Chanel’s website lists them all as limited edition, but they also list repromoted Extrait de Glosses Insouciance and Genie as limited edition, and we KNOW that’s not right. So I’m not sure. The only item everyone agrees on is Ultra-Wear Lip Color Cristal Rose: definitely limited edition.
Chanel, spring, 2011, swatches, Rouge Allure, Rouge Coco, Glossimer, Coquette, Flamboyante, Peregrina, Jersey Rose, Peche, Framboise, Aragonite, Nakkar, Cristal Rose, Ultra Wear, Le Crayon Levres, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Coquette (85, if you need to know the number) is a lovely, bright, warm pink. Flamboyante (84) is a bright, pinkish red. Peregrina (78) is a sheer peach-pink. Jersey Rose (77) is a warm, medium pink. Rouge Allures and Rouge Cocos are both $30 each.

There are two new Le Crayon Levres lipliners ($28): coral with a very few gold sparkles Peche (38), and warm red Framboise (37).

There are also two new Glossimers ($27): white/clear with pink, blue, and silver sparkles Aragonite (151), and warm, bright, watermelon pink with a few gold sparkles Nakkar (149).

Cristal Rose is very sheer, a pale, warm pink, best for fair girls who want subtle lips. This double-ended gloss has a pigmented side and a clear topcoat — so the first swatch is the color alone, the second is with the clear topcoat. Ultra Wear Lip Colors are $34 each, and Cristal Rose is a U.S. exclusive.

Thoughts? Feelings? Which are your must-have items?

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17 Responses to “Chanel Spring 2011”

  • Eileen says:

    Although the entire collection is utterly gorgeous and loaded with springtime goodness, the runaway stars of the collection are Black Pearl and Ombres Perlés. Those seem to be the two items that have everyone talking.

  • Lori says:

    I bought the Espegiele jc blush and I’m so happy with it! My first peach blush and it’s so lovely!

  • Andrea says:

    I got the Ombrees Perlees, Espiegle, Peregrina, Peche pencil, Peche Nacree, & Black Pearl polishes and I am waiting to receive the Regard Perle & the 2 RA’s. I am so excited about this spring collection!! Everything I have so far is gorgeous. I am planning on getting the 2 glossimers, eye pencil & Pearl drop next.

  • Laura says:

    I was lucky enough to find this collection at my Macy’s before Christmas. I got Ombrees Perlees, Espiegle, and Aragonite and Nakkar glossimers. Probably the most I’ve ever gotten from a single Chanel collection. Loving it!

  • wendy says:

    could someone please tell me which glossimers go with which lipsticks…some people are telling me the model is wearing peregrina with insouciate extrait de gloss…looking at the makeup display, they have rouge cocos with glossimers and, the rouge allures with the extraits…is that how it should be…sorry for spelling errors..any suggestions for pale and dark blonde hair? thankyou!

  • Evelyn says:

    I saw this before Christmas too and picked up the Ombre Perles, the Rose Merveille, the Pearl & Black Perle polishes, Flamboyante & Jersey Rose lipsticks. All so beautiful but especially the polishes and the palette. At first I wasn’t going to buy it but my friend convinced me to test out some swatches and so I did. The rest is history. I do believe the model is wearing peregrina lipstick.

  • Shannen says:

    Thank you for the swatches!

    For the conflicting reports on which shades are limited edition, I posted the following comment on another blog. If you don’t mind I’ll just post it here.

    There is a bug on that for any product, if any currently available shades are limited edition, that product on the collection page will have the “limited edition” indicator. The best way to check if a shade is limited edition is to go to the page of the product (or click Quick Buy) and select that shade. If that shade is limited edition, there will be a “limited edition” indicator under the product name. For example, on the page of Rouge Coco, if you select “Jersey Rose” or “Peregrina” and there will be no indicator. If you select “Baroque” and the limited edition indicator will show up. Use this method to check the entire spring collection and only Ombres Perlees de Chanel, Poudre Universelle Compact and Rouge Double Intensite are limited edition. That matches what you posted earlier at . To think about it, if Chanel ever releases a collection that contains 3 new shades of nail polish, but only 1 is limited edition, how are they going to put the indicator on the collection page? I hope this helps. :)

  • Petra says:

    Oh no, I was so looking forward to the blush ever since I saw Sam from Pixiwoo wear it in a video of theirs – this blush has to be one of the prettiest colours i’ve seen :( . I’ve recently purchased one, then another Chanel Joues Contraste blush, after I found the first one to be so fantastic. These blushers really are gorgeous in daylight.
    Well, looks like I’ll only be purchasing the Ombrees Perlees, that will be available in Europe too, and I adore creamy-powder eyeshadows. Hope the texture will be the same here overseas as well…
    Thanks for the review, Karla!

  • leslie says:

    My intention were to JUST get the Black Pearl polish BUT, i ended up getting the polish,Espiegle blush,and the Nakkar lipgloss.I was unsure of the Aragonite lipgloss because i’m a NC42,BUT i tried it on and OMG! its pretty and sparlky!So i bought that too!

  • Polarbelle says:

    I just saw this collection in store today. I think Black Pearl is nice, of course, but I’d probably wear it once, so for me, that’s not worth it. I have other blacks and greasy that I prefer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty color, I just don’t see it being a regular wear for me. I surprised myself and purchased the peach instead.

    If I’d have gotten some decent help, I would have tried on all four lipsticks. But looking for a pop of color, I purchased the reddish one, Flambouyante. I really thought I was going to go home with Jersey Rose. I haven’t given up on it; I will go back when there’s help at the counter and give that and the peach a good try on.

    I died when I saw Nakkar in person. It took my breath away and never gave it back. Even at $27 for a gloss, I think it’s backup worthy.

    I meant to try on the blush to see if it was too light for me or not, but again, nobody with a waiting brush to help, so that will have to wait.

    Oh, and I ordered the pearl palette the moment it came online on Nordstrom, but haven’t received it yet. Can’t wait to work with it!

  • Eva says:

    yay, an easy skip! even though I was very curious about the peach blush.

  • AcademicGirl says:

    Any word on whether Nakkar is perm? The nakkar page on the Chanel site does not indicate “Limited Edition” but the Spring 2011 page does.

    Karla, any word?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    As far as I know, Nakkar is permanent.

  • Cat says:

    The Chanel blush in Espiegle is also availbable in Germany – so it can`t be U.S. only. It is so pretty – tried it on already – I need to get it.
    I have already purchased the lipsticks in Coquette and Flamboyante. Flamboyante is lovely, I also like Coquette, but it might be a little too warm for my coloring.

  • Cat says:

    Chanel joues contraste in Espiegle is permanent in Germany/ Europe.

  • Miss_M says:

    Espiegle is also available in Europe, so it’s not an U.S. exclusive.

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