MAC Cham Pale: I Get No Kick

Several of you asked about I Get No Kick, the new pearly pink-gold kohl pencil released with Cham Pale — so I thought we’d take a closer look.
MAC, I Get No Kick, Cham Pale, swatches
The most commonly asked question was, “Is it more pink or more gold?”  If I had to choose, I’d say it’s pink.  But it’s champagne-pink-gold, like Bare Study Paint Pot in waterline-ready, inner-corner-brightening form.

I Get No Kick is $14.50 (and I definitely need one).

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5 Responses to “MAC Cham Pale: I Get No Kick”

  • Mai Linh says:

    I need it !!

  • Makavelina says:

    Will be buying one too! :) (Gonna be my first MAC pencil ever) :)

  • Phyrra says:

    I’m debating grabbing Feline, I Get No Kicks and NC15. I’ve been lining my lower water line with Blanc Type lately and I like the effect; it’s a nice change from my UD Yeyo.

  • aksaiyo says:

    I got it! And I totally love it.
    I also got Vintage Selection and wasn’t that impressed, I guess I’ll return it for a backup for this! :D

  • lexi920 says:

    This is very pretty but I am wondering how it’ll look on someone with NC42 skintone. My go to is UD’s 24/7 Underground for my water line. I guess I’m intrigued by the pink shimmer.

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