MAC Pink Friday comparison

Tomorrow, December 17, is your last chance to buy Pink Friday, the ridiculously limited edition lipstick created in honor of hip hop star Nicki Minaj’s debut album. In fact, if you really want one, I recommend staying up tonight — these things have been selling out lightning fast.

The reason for the frenzy: this lipstick is only being sold through MAC’s website, only on four Fridays (starting with Black Friday, ending tomorrow).

To help you decide whether you want to stay up (or console you if you miss out), I decided to do a swatch comparison with MAC’s other pale pinks.
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First, there are the differences in finish. Lustres are sheer and glossy. Cremesheens are moisturizing, cream-finish, medium pigment. Amplified Cremes (or Amplifieds) are cream-finish, medium-to-full pigment. Satins are long-wear, semi-matte, medium-to-full pigment. Frosts usually — but not always — have a frosty finish. They’re medium pigment, and I sometimes find this formula more drying than the others. (Some people don’t have this problem.) Mattes — self-explanatory — are matte finish, full pigment.

Creme Cup is warmer than the other pinks swatched here. It’s very close in color to Angel, but Creme Cup is a hair brighter. Snob is cool and slightly mauvey; it’s more subdued than Pink Friday/Saint Germain. Pink Plaid is deeper than most of the others, and a little mauvey. Pink Friday is a bright, cool, medium pink. Saint Germain is brighter, more white. Viva Glam Gaga is lighter, more sheer, and just a hair warmer. Pink Nouveau is deeper, more rose, a more saturated color.

So… will you be staying up tonight?

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12 Responses to “MAC Pink Friday comparison”

  • Patricia says:

    I know this is completely random, but you must have the most exfoliated arm in the world, lol.
    Pink Friday looks a bit like the love child of Viva Glam Gaga and Saint Germain, no? Not my cup of tea, anyway. I guess it’s something for collectors, also…

  • Georgie says:

    I did really want this, but decided it was dupeable! Your swatches are immense!


  • Mia says:

    i agree with Georgie, i have gaga and wear it rarely so i can’t see the sense in having on very similar!

    also, my purse needs to stay put if im gonna have my fun with Cham Pale ;)

  • Tina says:

    And I agree with Mia. I have Gaga also and don’t wear it so much. It makes me feel better that my money went to something good at least. I know I probably would never put this on. So kind of you to put up these comparison swatches!

  • Leigh says:

    Thanks for this!! It was all I needed to change my mind to try and get it. Dior’s PINK CAPRICE is another recent find.

  • Thanks for this : )

    I will be staying up tonight! Considering it had sold out by early morning of the very 1st week in the UK and hasn’t been on sale since, we’ve so far only had a few hours of sale time. Can’t believe they weren’t more prepared for the online stampede! Just hope they put it up at midnight and don’t make me get up early at an unknown time!!

  • Molly says:

    oommgg you so made me want creme cup! I love toned down pinky colors!

  • Samantha says:

    Hey guys, I order mine at 4:30 am EST last week because thats the time I wake up for work, and they let me order but I recieved an e-mail saying that it was back oedered but alsn in the email it said something along the lines that due too high demand they will extend it or allow people to order for that day and ship it out at a later date. I would like to get my hands on it but geez it isnt that serious !! LOL that lipstick is going for 80-100 bucks on ebay !!!!!!

  • Vanessa says:

    I think I want Saint Germain, now!

  • Isabella says:

    Thank you for the comparison, very helpful!

  • despoina1976 says:

    Mac s marketing team did a great job with that -hmmm- ugly,look like Saint Germain,lipstick…My opinion.

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