Christina Hendricks at the Golden Globes

Christina Hendricks, Golden Globes, 68th Annual, 2011Maybe I’m just too attached to Christina Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men — I’m not always a fan of her off-the-set looks. But I thought she looked fantastic at this year’s Golden Globes. Her gown was Romona Keveza, and it was one of my favorites of hers.

Vanessa Scali (for NARS cosmetics) created the makeup look. “I had this vision of a big, doe-eyed, lashy look from the late 70s and early 80s. To keep it modern, I kept the skin dewy with shimmering eyes and added a pop of matte texture on the lips,” said Scali.

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Stylist Jen Atkin (for Sebastian Professional) did Hendricks’ pretty, loose, 70s-inspired curls.

“Her dress had a rich vintage feel, and this gorgeous accent on the shoulder that resembled a flower,” Atkin said. “Instead of putting her hair up, we opted to give it a modern twist and keep the hair bouncy and down. This style is great for cocktail parties, or to dress up a look.”

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  3. Spray Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray all over the hair, and brush it through to create a base to hold the waves.
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  5. Unpin the hair and brush out the curls using a boar bristle brush. Set the part and stretch out the bangs using a flat iron to get a smoother look toward the front of your face.
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6 Responses to “Christina Hendricks at the Golden Globes”

  • Evelyn says:

    I’d say the hair stylist made an mistake with her hair. The ruffle is the focal point, putting her hair down on top of it and around the neckline smothers her. Her shoulder and neck should be shown off next to the ruffle which would give her more height to add to her statuesque figure. It’s about proportion and creating a balanced visual.

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for this.

    Why do the curls need to be clockwise, though?

    (Yes, this is a serious question.)

  • Crystal says:

    She looks beautiful! :)

  • Stephanie says:

    I agree with Evelyn. The dress is gorgeous and should have been the focal point. I think she would have looked much better with her hair pulled up or back and then the makeup would have gone well with the dress. All of it together turned me off, though. It’s a bit much for me.

  • Sherry says:

    The dress is beautiful and I agree with Evelyn, the hair needed to be up, it was competing with the gorgeous neckline.

  • allison1998 says:

    I agree with you ladies. I think the dress should have been the center of attention. Her hair should have been in an updo or pulled back someway. Her hair in this style makes it look like a wig (IMO, not saying that it is)

    The dress is beautiful BTW and other than the hair situation, she looks wonderful.

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