Guest Review: Every Man Jack

A special treat, readers! Mr. Salt usually resists my attempts to introduce him to the world of personal care, so I was delighted when he agreed to try some products from Every Man Jack.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’m giving away TWO Every Man Jack sets. You could use them yourself (why not?) or give them to the can’t-remember-to-buy-more-shampoo man in your life. Stay tuned for that contest.

Here’s Mr. Salt’s review:
Every Man Jack, DIY kit

I’m not usually much for “grooming products.” In the mornings, I want to get ready as quickly as possible (leaving more time for sleep).

Maybe it’s because my dad still uses regular soap to shave, but I usually go for cheap, all-in-one solutions. The Every Man Jack kit looks really complicated, expensive, and exactly like something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. Turns out that the kit is $25, which is an entirely reasonable price for the number and size of the products included. I got the “DIY” kit which contains shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, face scrub, aftershave lotion, and comes in a carry bag (the DIY part is that you choose the scent of each product). All together it’s about the size of a small laptop bag, and definitely not TSA-safe. Since I have more opinions about shaving than shampooing, I’ll start with their shaving kit.

The process is supposed to be scrub, shave, and then aftershave
lotion. Although I know I’ll never do it this way in real life, I went through this three-step process for testing purposes. The scrub had a gritty but strangely pleasant texture, kind of like rubbing sand on your face. It did an excellent job — and I tested it in very difficult conditions by not showering before I shaved (which usually leaves my face looking like I’ve been shaving with a blunt steak knife) — the scrub seemed to prevent that. Now when it comes to shaving cream, I like something that lathers. Unfortunately this cream doesn’t — but aside from that detail, I felt it was equal to my usual Gillette shaving gel.

The aftershave lotion was not too heavily scented, and not too oily. It’s probably good for my face; I wish I could remember to actually use it when I shave. Next, to better simulate real life conditions, I shaved with just the cream, skipping the scrub and aftershave lotion. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this didn’t seem to affect the final result.

It’s kind of hard to evaluate the conditioner and the bodywash. I think of these products like gasoline: it doesn’t matter what brand you get, so long as you get some. True to form, these two got the job done, but didn’t make much else of an impression on me. The bottles reminded me of motor oil, though, which made me like them more.

I do think the kit was supposed to contain shampoo, or an all-in-one shampoo + conditioner. I used the body wash as shampoo and it seemed to work fine.

It’s hard to compete with my trusty Gillette gel and whatever shampoo my wife leaves in the shower. But all in all, I’d say this is a good set of products, and a good deal for the price. You can buy Every Man Jack at Target (and various grocery stores), or if you want free shipping,

Mr. Salt used the Signature Mint items, and though I’m not much of a mint fan, he smelled good afterwards. The mint component is not too strong, and the fragrance is subtle.

This kit was provided by Every Man Jack.

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4 Responses to “Guest Review: Every Man Jack”

  • Jean says:

    Mr. Salt has quite the flair for writing…you may have jumpstarted a whole new career for him.

    Fabulous review! Love the “strangely pleasant” phrase, lol.

  • Patricia says:

    Haha, men hate to admit they enjoy some pampering…

  • Dorothy says:

    My guy is my teenage son. Nick is 16 and it starting to sample colognes and hair styles. He is well groomed and enjoys looking good. He is also an athlete.

  • Jean says:

    Not the Jean from the first comment here, but anyways… I found the writing hilarious. Mr. Salt sounds a lot like my brother when it comes to personal care products… Can’t tell the difference between one product from another, doesn’t really care, if it’s there he’ll use it, if not, whatever. LoL

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