Guest Swatcher: NYX Eyeshadow Singles

Readers, prepare to be amazed. Jette has not only swatched 212 NYX eyeshadow singles (dang!), but she very graciously offered to let me repost her photos here.

It can be well nigh impossible to track down NYX testers, and the number of shades is… alarming. It is incredible to see these swatched all together — I know I’ve added a bunch to my wishlist thanks to her.

Check out her YouTube channel, for this and other makeup videos.
NYX eyeshadow single guide
NYX, swatches, Black, Smoky Mountain, Midnight, Rock, Kryptonite, Deep Space, Black Sparkle, Odyssey, Gunmetal, Alaska, Star, Snow Candy, Deep Charcoal, Silver, Platinum Silver, Grey
NYX, swatches, Dark Grey, Dune, Beanie, Eucalyptus, Hollywood, White, Toffee Shimmer, Sparkle White, Snow Cone, Hot Crystal, White Pearl, Geisha, Egg White, Cream Cheese, Barely There, Vanilla Sky
NYX, swatches, Opal, Earthy Shimmer, Earthly Shimmer, Super Creamy, High Light, Highlight, Nude, Pure Skin, Skin, Skintight, Skin Tight
NYX, swatches, Creamy, Frosted Flake, Aloha, Sahara, Vanilla Shimmer, Ultimatum, My Favorite Color, My Favorite Colour, Dust, True Taupe, Slate, Toffee, Sparkle Cedar, Taupe Pearl, Iced Mocha, Chocolate, Chai
NYX, swatches, Earthy, Cedar Wood, Fantasy, Taupe, Mink Brown, Brown, Suede, Cork, Dark Brown, Deep Brown, Hawaiian Coffee, Charcoal Brown, Greyish Brown, Root Beer, Gypsy, Golden Amber
NYX, swatches, Latte Foam, Deep Bronze, Nutmeg, Mediterranean, Volcano, Utopia, Eutopia, Walnut Bronze, Walnut
NYX, swatches, Jazzy Bronze, Jazze Bronze, Rust, Fahrenheit, Pine Nut, Copper, Almond, Peach, Shimmer, Salmon, Champagne, Asphalt, Pure Gold, 24 Karat, Golden, Yellow Marigold, Golden Dune
NYX, swatches, Utopia Gold, Peach Bronze, Golden Bronze, Oro, Antique Gold, Ray, Daisy, Blondie, Golden Poppy, Yellow, Yellow Pearl, Hot Yellow, Chic, Mellow Yellow, Yellow Funk, Hot Orange
NYX, swatches, Apricot Moose, Apricot Mousse, Orange, Tropical, Africa, Sunset, Sunset Ray, Golden Orange, Extreme Apricot
NYX, swatches, Light Green, Lime Juice, Bright Green, Summer Green, Kiwi, Lime Green, Olive Green, Spring Green, Hot Green, Lake Algae, Wild Fire, Algae, Jade, Lagoon Sparkle, Seafoam Green, Sweet Lagoon
NYX, swatches, Exotic Green, Hunter Green, Mermaid Green, Marrakesh, Aqua Marine, Green Tea, Khaki, Luster, Lustre, Herb, Golden Sky, Jungle Fever, Ocean, Aqua, Velvet Suede, Autumn Sky, Ocean Frost
NYX, swatches, Baby Blue, October Sky, Pacific, Navy, Casablanca, Velvet Blue, Navy Blue, Kiss in Casablanca
NYX, swatches, Azur, Cool Blue, Halaiwa, Azur Sky, Maui, Matte Turquoise, Irises, Lanikai, Atlantic, Blue Marine, Frosted Ocean, Dark Navy, Morocco, Deep Purple, Sensual, Space
NYX, swatches, Red Bean, Prune, Deep Purple, Ballerina, Frosted Lilac, Daffodil, Purple, Luxor, Violetta, Violet, Burgundy Pearl, Eggplant, Red Bean Pie, Beauty Queen, Red Bronze, Flamingo
NYX, swatches, Spring Flower, Baby Pink, Dust Sparkle, Dallas, Platinum Pink, Ballerina Dream, Sweet Oleander, Hot Pink
NYX, swatches, Cotton Candy, Princess Pink, Pink Oleander, Wild Flower, Sweet Pink, Dolly Pink, Hot Pink, Jazzy Pink, Jazze Pink, Red Pink, Redhead, Red Head, Cherry, Sunrise

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56 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: NYX Eyeshadow Singles”

  • Sandra says:

    I nearly wet myself when I ran across these swatches on Spektra! They have helped me make many decisions when buying & avoid purchasing dupes of eyeshadow shades I already own in other brands. Thank you for taking the incredible amount of time I know it took you to do this. Talk about dedicated, not to mention generous!

  • Juju says:


  • Nadia says:

    WOW, i’ve seen in NYX website ( that Single Eyeshadow has only 72 shades. How can you have all of this beatiful 212 shades?! I want ALL! >_<

  • Rosie says:

    Thanks sooooo much for these!! It must have taken a great deal of time and commitment. I salute you, fellow eyeshadow geek/fanatic!

  • Yolanda says:

    Thank you very much! Very helpful.

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