Guest Swatcher: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Soaper1 just sent an awesome combination review of Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effects and OPI Black Shatter. Since they’re entirely different products, I thought I’d break them into two posts. Click here to read her review of Black Shatter.

First up: Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I just learned about these and I am instantly enamored! Doesn’t that pattern look like Liberty of London? I have to try this for myself.

Here’s Soaper1′s review:

I’ve got a combo swatch picture for you today (this happened by accident). I recently purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Flower. Effects are nail polish strips — Sally Hansen’s version of Minx. Ever since I saw the Minx flower manicure, I’ve wanted to try it, so I was very excited to see that Sally Hansen offered a similar pattern.

The first nail was a disaster. I couldn’t get it to stick to my nail. I finally got to stick, somewhat. But when I tried to trim the excess, it tore and was too short for my nail. I removed the strip to start over. I decided that my hands might not have been warm enough, so I warmed them over a hair dryer before trying again. That was the key. The strip stuck to my nail completely and slightly wrapped around the nail tip. I was able to trim the excess as directed.

I applied this on Monday, the picture was taken on Wednesday and on Thursday it still looked perfect. I didn’t use a topcoat (though I hear that some people do) — I wanted to test the wear without it. I am not easy on my hands/nails, and I suspect that I would get another 2 or 3 days wear without any chips or tip wear.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this product. I also want to mention that the strip is pretty close to my cuticle, the macro setting makes it look like there is a bigger gap than there is. It also makes the flowers look pixelated, and they don’t look that way in person.

I consider these strips a little expensive. For $8.50 you get 16 strips. I’ll probably use these more for pedicures than manicures, but I’ll definitely be using them again.

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One Response to “Guest Swatcher: Sally Hansen Salon Effects”

  • ruth says:

    I just got these and since you are only wearing one in the picture I was wondering if you can store them and use them again once you’ve opened the litter silver foil package? some people have said they spoil after a day of being opened.

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