Becca Enigma & Fallen Angel Palettes

Becca, Fallen Angel, promoBecca is an Australian cosmetics brand, with a reputation for incredibly delicate powders (their Pressed Shimmer Powders and Loose Shimmer Powders are famous) and an outstanding shade range of foundations and concealers (they make 34 shades of concealer). They also have the world’s most beautiful promotional photography β€” how could you not want to be a Becca girl?

Years ago, Sephora carried Becca, and those who loved the brand made out like bandits when Sephora stopped carrying it, and put all merchandise on 50% clearance.

Since those days, Becca has become more difficult to find. They’re carried by independent boutiques, salons, and spas (click here to see if there’s one near you). Otherwise, you’re limited to etailers like Apothica, Dermstore, and Beautyhabit. Fortunately, Becca created this guide to try to help you choose your foundation shade online, and if you fill out this form (with information like your foundation shade in other brands), a Becca artist will try to match you remotely.

It was inevitable that I was going to fall off the deep end for Becca… it was just a question of when.

Enter the holiday palettes: Enigma and Fallen Angel.
Becca, holiday 2010, swatches, Fallen Angel, Enigma, Armure, Silesia, Surah, Sunrise, Nectar, Narcissus, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I knew I was going to love grey trio Enigma. Armure (Matte) is a soft, dusty, warm grey… the color of a chinchilla, really. Silesia (Matte) is a very dark warm grey (almost dark brown). Surah (Shimmer) is a dusky, purply brown, like desert dust. For a “shimmer,” the sparkles are extremely tiny and delicate. It’s really more of a satin finish.

Each shade is unique to this palette, and it’s actually unusual to see a “Matte” from Becca. Their usual powder eyeshadow finishes are “Demi-Matte” and “Shimmer.”

Though Enigma is beautiful, the Fallen Angel palette will knock your socks off. Fallen Angel contains Sunrise, a sheer peach lipgloss; Nectar, a peach lip-and-cheek cream; and Narcissus, a shimmery peach highlighter. Again, all three shades are unique to the palette.

I never thought I’d say this, but Becca’s made a cream-blush lover out of me. Nectar makes the prettiest ever peach blush β€” and it’s so blendable! It’s glorious.

The Enigma quad is $49; the Fallen Angel palette is $45.

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7 Responses to “Becca Enigma & Fallen Angel Palettes”

  • Christy says:

    Wow – gorgeous! I want both! They also have a how-to with applying these products for this exact look on Becca’s website :-)

  • Chris says:

    I have been curious about Becca products. Maybe their blushes are the way to go.

  • Melissa says:

    Great swatches Karla!

    After digging out my ‘Blossom’ Lip and Cheek Creme this morning, and then seeing these pics, I decided to order the palette.

    Looking forward to trying it out for myself! :)

  • Betty says:

    How do the mattes in Enigma compared to the demis in Avalon? Avalon is my favorite palette and was my first Becca color purchase. Yesterday I just received Prairie Moon. Although the colors are gorgeous, I find the matte shadows to be not as pigmented or blend as well. I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with their mattes.

    Keep the Becca swatches coming!

  • Deb says:

    Do you know what the promo models are wearing on their nails? I love it.

  • Agata says:

    Hello! Do you know of any individual shadows from Becca that are similar to this trio? It’s impossible to purchase Enigma and I was thinking about getting a similar look with their other shadows. Thank you for your help!

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