Latest Video: Hair Ritual

A video about the products and techniques that work for my fine curly hair.

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9 Responses to “Latest Video: Hair Ritual”

  • Jennifer Tong says:

    Is this also good for perm hair?

  • I found out the exact same things: curliest hair ever when it’s air dryed in bed, and the GHD sea spray works great! My curls aren’t as pretty as yours, though.

  • Polarbelle says:

    This is going to sound like a weird question, but on day two or three, do you comb thru, or do you find it pulls the curl a little strait to do so?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    No, never brush or comb (or even finger comb) curly hair when it’s dry.

  • amanda says:

    We have exactly the same hair! I found this video soo helpful. My hair drives me CRAZY because it is completely different everday. I’m going to try these products.

  • Ines says:

    Have you checked It’s a fabulous website for us curly girls. They got me started with the no poo, no cone method and my hair has never been this healthy.

  • shiny says:

    I don’t know about horizontal drying, but air drying at night (with a towel under your head to absorb the water) is convenient – I’ve done it for years

  • Aida says:

    I have the same type of hair and decided to try the FF products after your review. First I bought the karite butter line as my hair was so dry and now I am using the curls line and I love it. I was expending as much in other products and was still having problems with my hair. I would have never tries F fekkai products otherwise, they looked nice but are not that well-known here, so thanks a lot for the video

  • Cathy at Bobbi Brown says:

    Okie Dokie…I made the big plunge into the short hair society. I had to review your technique once again…Stop by and say hi and see if you like my new doo!

    Toot-a-loo! Cathy

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