NARS Spring 2011

NARS, spring, 2011, displayNARS spring is here, in a swirl of colors, and a Calvin-Klein-esque promotional image that seems mostly about contouring.

Following on the heels of holiday’s Okinawa trio, spring introduces a new, limited edition eyeshadow trio ($45). Calanque! I am a lion! I am on the Serengeti!

The word Calanque actually refers to a Mediterranean fjord. It’s a deep valley with steep sides, partially submerged by the sea. (But I’m standing by my sundrenched African fantasy.)

Calanque includes a sheer white-beige (somewhat prone to fallout); a reflective, satiny peach sand; and a dark brown shimmer.

There are two new eyeshadow duos ($33 each). Bateau Ivre (limited edition) features a matte, sheerish cerulean and a matte, sheerish blueberry blurple. This duo is just a little more chalky than shimmery Nouveau Monde (periwinkle and olive green; not limited edition).
NARS, spring, 2011, swatches, Calanque, Bateau Ivre, Nouveau Monde, Hollywoodland, Celebrate, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are two Soft Touch Shadow Pencils (also permanent), copper-gold Hollywoodland and yellow-green Celebrate. These are $24 each. You can color them right on your lid, but they have a reputation for being extremely crease-prone — so use primer, and you’ll probably want to set with shadow.

This collection also features unusually diverse range of lip products. First up, one of the new Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils: Baroque (cranberry/raspberry with blue sparkles, $24). Then there’s a new Pure Matte Lipstick, Madere. Madere is a very pale pink, and the Pure Matte Lipsticks are $25 each, skinny-tube.

Tzigane is a browned, muted, terracotta peach-rose ($24). Nars calls it “pink brandy,” and I like that description. It’s sophisticated, but not aging.
NARS, spring, 2011, swatches, Baroque, Madere, Tzigane, Desperado, Angelika, Super Orgasm, lipgloss, Nana, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Desperado is this collection’s limited edition nail polish ($17). It’s a browned/olived gold shimmer… a weird color, but mysteriously captivating.

There are three lipglosses. You might have seen Angelika and Super Orgasm before — they were part of Nars’s famous-blush-lipgloss-extension. Angelika is bright cool (quite opaque) pink; Super Orgasm is warm, sheerer pink with gold sparkles. Nana (limited edition) is a dark, sheer purple… like blackberry sauce. The glosses are $24 each.

Powder blush Luster and Multiples Maldives and Palm Beach are repromotes from the permanent line. Here are light swatches: NARS, spring, 2011, swatches, Multiple, Maldives, Palm Beach, Luster, blush, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Here are heavy swatches:
NARS, spring, 2011, swatches, Multiple, Maldives, Palm Beach, Luster, blush, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Multiple sticks ($39) can be used anywhere: cheeks, lids, lips, and body. Maldives is a shimmery beiged-rose highlight. Palm Beach is a shimmery bronze. Luster ($27) is a peachy pink with gold sparkles.

NARS Spring is available on (free shipping at $25).

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5 Responses to “NARS Spring 2011”

  • Liz says:

    Nouveau monde and baroque really catch my eyes. I thought I saw a Nars discount code until yesterday but I don’t see it anymore. Has it expired? Oh, well, I guess I will have to wait for another time. Thank goodness they are not limited editions.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Ahh, tragically they changed the code. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear of another one!

  • Marie says:

    Ha perfect timing! I was just thinking today: “I wonder if Karla had time to swatch the Nars spring collection”. And here it is.
    Thans for this. I have my eyes set on Tzigane lipstick, and Nouveau Monde e/s duo.

  • Sammi says:

    Wow, that olive in Nouveau Monde is gorgeous. Any dupes, or at least something similar out there? Not a fan of the periwinkle shade…

  • Kate says:

    Are the Angelika and SuperOrgasm lipgloss now permanent or still limited edition?

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