Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and I know a lot of brands are vying for your attention. But I heard of two deals in particular that I wanted to make sure you knew about.

Ormonde JayneFirst, fragrance house Ormonde Jayne is offering free worldwide shipping on any purchase made before February 14th. The code is CUPID. This is huge.

If you missed my last singing-of-praises for Ormonde Jayne, they are a magnificent (and/but very boutique) perfumery. For a long time they had only one storefront on Bond Street in London. They have since expanded to Harrods, a counter in Dubai, and a second shop in Sloane Square (also in London). Needless to say, they are difficult to procure (and fragrance is heavy to ship). If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on one of their incredible creations — or their “discovery set” sampler — this is really the time.

no!no! SkinAlso, no!no! Skin (makers of at-home hair-removal and acne-fighting devices) are offering 20% off any purchase on their website with code nono20 (valid through February 18). If you read no!no!’s literature, they recommend their acne device for “mild to moderate” acne. From their pictures, “moderate” looks pretty significant to me.  I’ve always been curious about this device because I usually get one ugly zit right before something important (friend’s wedding, class reunion), and I love with the idea of being able to nix it, overnight, in my own home.

Have you heard of any other hold-the-phones Valentine’s deals?

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4 Responses to “Valen-steals”

  • lia says:

    Ah, I’ve been thinking about getting the Ormonde Jayne discovery set for a while now… but I’m probably going to wait- the set comes with complementary shipping, so this deal doesn’t really apply

  • applepark says:

    Oh I love OJ! Tolu, Woman and Tiaf are all amazing. Free worldwide shipping is a great deal! :)

  • Carissa says:

    Womp Womp-just bought OJ woman. Eeek. My CC is hating me right now.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Lia! I had no idea the discovery set always shipped for free! That is great!

    Carissa, I can only hope you love Woman as much as I do — it’s my favorite fragrance ever.

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