Saks Chanel Summer Event

Chanel summerHey Dallas-area shoppers, if you’d like to celebrate the start of summer with a bang, you might want to put Saks (Galleria) on your calendar. On Saturday, April 16, the Saks Chanel counter is throwing a summer launch party, offering a variety of indulgent services. You can:

  • test drive the summer collection (makeup artists will be on-hand to give you a gorgeous new summer look),
  • get a complimentary nail polish change (Chanel Mimosa, anyone?),
  • and sip on mimosas while you shop — don’t you love a themed party?

The fun is going on from 11 am to 7 pm. To make an appointment for any of the services I mentioned, call 972-716-5366.

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5 Responses to “Saks Chanel Summer Event”

  • Sarah says:

    AHH! Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • AZ says:

    So do you think that’s when the summer collection will first hit the counter? April 16th-ish or do you think they’d be out earlier? I’m so excited about the bronzer. I went to my chanel counter last week and asked about the summer collection the sales associated didn’t know when it’d come out. She also said she’s has tons and tons of people asking about the yellow nail polish haha

  • Nellie says:

    @AZ It will be out sooner.

    I got a call a couple of days ago from a Nordstrom Chanel counter in Dallas for an event next Saturday (April 9). She said the summer collection will be out by then, so it’s coming sometime within the next week.

  • Paradoxal says:

    @AZ and @Nellie

    I work for CHANEL and it actually doesn’t even ship from CHANEL warehouses until 04/06 and it generally takes a couple of weeks to arrive to counter because they have to go to the department store warehouse first, be scanned in, then shipped to the appropriate store, scanned again and then be put up. So it more than likely won’t even be at the counters until the week after 4/16 unless there are special circumstances regarding the individual counter.

    PS I can not wait for the entire collection. It’s all so beautiful in person.

  • Jean Ski Moo says:

    Oh my God, sounds like a fantastic event! Wish we had Saks around here… It just feels so grown up and posh, feels like a good cut of tea and crumpets would go with that. Suppose I’ll have to do with Sephora and Ulta around here but to everyone who’s going, have fun!

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