Chanel Mimosa and Morning Rose

Chanel, MimosaLast weekend I had the pleasure of attending Saks’ “Mimosa-Mimosa” Chanel Summer Launch party. Attendees were treated to makeovers and polish changes — and refreshing beverages, of course.

When I arm-swatched the Chanel summer collection, I wondered if Mimosa was better suited for medium-to-dark skintones. Yellow can be a tricky color.

To maximize my swatching potential, I requested Mimosa on one hand and Morning Rose on the other. (These photos were taken late in the afternoon.)
Chanel, Mimosa, swatches
I was surprised to find that Mimosa looked pretty cute on the fair-skinned girls getting their nails done. I asked for three coats, to maximize the color and minimize visible-nail-line. The subtle shimmer that I saw in my tape swatch is really subtle on the fingers.
Chanel, Morning Rose, swatches
Morning Rose is easy to like: a not-too-bright warm pink (the gold sparkle is very subtle).
Chanel, Mimosa, Morning Rose
But I actually found I liked the two colors best together. (Perhaps I should have asked for an accent nail? A Funky French manicure?) This last photo was taken with my cell phone camera, indoors at the event.

Chanel polishes are $25 each.

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17 Responses to “Chanel Mimosa and Morning Rose”

  • Sass says:


  • The Mighty J says:

    Love both the colours!

  • Raquel says:

    Aw man! Thought I could totally skip these but your post just makes it impossible not to get them! I really really like both colors on you!

  • flrusso says:

    really pretty!

  • Christa says:

    Karla you have the most amazingly gorgeous hands and nails!!! They are so healthy and perfect!! I have morning rose on it’s way to me but now you have me wishing I’d considered mimosa!

  • Rhapsode says:

    Agree with Christa, I want your hands! 0_0 This is me ogling them with hand-envy. Those nail polishes look perfect, if only I could afford Chanel. Ah, beauty, thy name is unaffordable. lol

  • kat says:

    these colors do not look worth it to me. OPI yellow and OPI rose mixed with gold shimmer. BOOOOOOOO

  • Becca says:

    You also have beautiful hands (hand model?) but those colors wouldn’t look as nice on my crappy, peely nails. Yellow nailpolish is like leather pants: not for everyone.

  • Alison says:

    You have beautiful hands and nails, and those colours look amazing on them. I will be adding these two polishes to my ever-expanding collection. Thanks for the great swatches!

  • Joey says:

    Karla, why are your hands so ridiculously perfect?

  • Jackie says:

    The colors look beautiful on you! Your hands are perfect…like a Barbie doll!

  • Sam says:

    Wow! Both are gorgeous. I am a PPP, so I didn’t think I’d be able to wear this, but now I think I’ll give it a try.

  • Laurz says:

    WOw Karla, you could be a hand model!!! Our colouring is really different, but you make these colours look so beautiful that I want them!

  • Jennifer Tong says:

    U should do more of these nail vernis photos because your hands and nails are pretty!! :D Did u happen to wear those two colors like that for the rest of the week ? :P

  • aksaiyo says:

    Your hands are super pretty! Hand-modelling worthy! :D

  • Amna says:

    Wow, those are both so beautiful!

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