Dior Addict Lipstick

Dior Addict displayTalk about spring cleaning: Dior is really shaking up its lipstick display. Gone are the Addict High Shine lipsticks and the existing Dior Addict lipsticks. (I’ve even heard a rumor that Creme de Gloss and DiorKiss lipglosses are also out.) In their place is a reformulated Dior Addict, in an entirely new set of shades.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised: Dior reissued its Rouge Dior lipsticks in October (and overhauled its Addict Ultra Gloss last May). In a way, they’re streamlining the display: if you want a sheerer lipstick, you want an Addict; for more pigment, turn to Rouge Dior.

The new Dior Addicts are $28. There are 44 “regular” shades, plus one exclusive to Saks, one exclusive to Nordstrom, and ten (TEN!) exclusive to Sephora. Let’s start with the non-exclusive shades.
Dior, Addict, swatches, 214 Tulle, 222 Beige Casual, 253 Basic, 260 Rose Deshabille, 322 Beige Perfection, 333 Nude, 343 Miss Dior, 353 Blush, 445 Createur, 454 Parisian Chic, 465 Singuliere, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The first eleven shades are fairly sheer. Tulle is a sheer blush. Beige Casual is slightly peachier. Basic is light cool pink with sparkles. Rose Deshabille is just slightly mauvier, with no sparkles. Beige Perfection is warm, reddened pink. Nude is a peachy nude. Miss Dior is sheer light peach with sparkles. Blush is sheer watermelon. Createur is a muted, natural rose. Parisian is a sheer pink. Singuliere is a sheer, lighter, cooler pink.
Dior, Addict, swatches, 525 Vintage, 530 Bobo, 535 Tailleur Bar, 561 Baby Rose, 578 Diorkiss, 579 Must-Have, 586 L.A., 612 Spotlight, 621 Granville, 626 Androgyne, 635 Miami, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Vintage is mauve. Bobo is pink coral with sparkles. Tailleur Bar is a sheer, muted mauve (less purple than Vintage). Baby Rose is sheer cool pink. Diorkiss is bright cool rose. Must-Have is slightly deeper, not quite as bright, and cooler/more violet. L.A. is sheer, cool, slightly mauvey medium pink. Spotlight is sheer brown. Granville is warm muted rose. Androgyne is mauvey rose. Miami is warm, sheer strawberry.
Dior, Addict, swatches, 680 Millie, 681 Icone, 682 Gibraltar, 712 Beige Dandy, 714 New York, 745 New Look, 750 Rock 'n' Roll, 753 Fashion, 762 Paris, 763 Reflet, 773 Rouge Podium, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Millie is sheer plummy pink. Icone is cool rose pink. Gibraltar is reddish pink with sparkles. Beige Dandy is mauvey brown. New York is more purple. New Look is bright, warm red. Rock ‘n’ Roll is rose-pink with blue sparkles. Fashion is a more opaque rose-pink. Paris is sheer blue-pink with sparkles. Reflet is cool, medium pink with blue sparkles. Rouge Podium is a warm berry rose.
Dior, Addict, swatches, 783 Londres, 797 Stiletto, 811 Smoky, 864 Couture, 865 Collection, 872 Arty, 881 Fashion Week, 963 Red Carpet, 971 Fourreau, 972 Rose Shocking, 991 Perfecto, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Londres is a kidney-purple. Stiletto is violet rose. Smoky is raisin brown. Couture is peach-pink. Collection is hot pink. Arty is red-plum. Fashion is sheer purple with sparkles. Red Carpet is pink-red. Fourreau is berry purple. Rose Shocking is violet-pink with sparkles. Perfecto is red plum.

I was worried that the eleventh shade in each of my pictures had gotten short shrift (too far down the wrist), so I swatched them again with the Nordstrom exclusive, 983 Insoumise. Insoumise is a violet purple-pink with sparkles.
Dior, Addict, swatches, 465 Singuliere, 635 Miami, 773 Rouge Podium, 991 Perfecto, 983 Insoumise, Nordstrom exclusive, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And here are Sephora’s ten exclusive shades:
Dior, Addict, swatches, Sephora exclusives, 178 Urban, 249 Diorissime, 330 Garconne, 368 Pink Cherie, 422 Tokyo, 554 It Pink, 564 Model, 566 Taffetas, 583 Backstage, 778 Show, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Urban is sheer, light, milky pink. Diorissime is light warm pink. Garconne is deeper, redder warm pink. Pink Cherie is light, cool pink. Tokyo is sheer peach(-pink). It Pink is bright sheer T-Mobile pink. Model and Taffetas are similar. Model is slightly deeper; Taffetas is slightly bluer. Backstage is an almost bruisey purple pink. Show is bright, slightly violet pink.

So I have only the Saks exclusive (623 Beige Mondaine) left to swatch!

I haven’t yet tried these on my lips yet, but the ones I plan to try first are 530 Bobo, 745 New Look, and 864 Couture. There are several of the lighter shades that also look pretty, but I wonder if they’ll be so sheer as to be fairly similar on the lips.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

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34 Responses to “Dior Addict Lipstick”

  • Syen says:

    Ooooooh!!! Thaaank youuuuu!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Thank you SO much… I have been waiting to do a Sephora order for a few days now but I wanted to throw in one of these lipsticks but couldn’t choose…Thanks again!

  • Kate says:

    Can you recall the difference between Beige Perfection and Miami? They look really similar (and gorgeous). Also really liking the look of Rouge Podium. Are these scented?

  • valerie says:

    ooh, rouge podium is calling out to me – I don’t think I saw this one at Sephora!

  • bisbee says:

    I have 2 of the Sephora exclusives – Lt Pink and Backstage. Your color descriptions are right on as usual – except my Lt Pink is a bit warmer than cool – a touch of peach in there. I like both of them a lot – I just got 2 of the Chanel Coco Shine lipsticks, which are quite similar – I got Boy (which hardly shows up on my) and Bonheur, which I’m wearing today and LOVE!

    I don’t know if I have a real preference – I think I’ll have to get a few more colors of each to try…:)

  • Debbie says:

    I was addicted to Infamous Pink #623 from the former addict collection. Do you know which shade from the current collection would best match 623 since it is no longer available. I live too far from a store to go check it out myself.

  • Swathi says:

    Each of these look different on different people. If i saw these swatches I would have never even have looked at New Look and Rock and Roll as they seem quite bright here but I bought them and they seem sheer enough and they look gorgeous.

    BTW some of these have similar coloring as the previous Dior Addict lipcolor. Like the new Rouge podium 773 is same as Scarlet siren 773 when swatched side by side. Atleast for me.

  • Bella says:

    I have Baby Rose and it gives my lips a soft pink flush — but it definitely shows up on me. I love the feel when I apply it (so I don’t mind that it doesn’t last as long as my other lipsticks). I am waiting to get the Chanel Coco Shines I ordered to compare the two. I might just go and snag a few more of these!

  • Sue says:

    Thanks so much for your comprehensive swatching! You are the best!

  • kelliegonzo says:

    i’m new to your site, but just curious. do you buy all of these? or do you just swatch them in the store?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Kate, I think Beige Perfection is more pink; Miami is deeper (can be built up more) and more red. I did not detect a scent.

    Valerie, Sephora doesn’t carry all 44 of the “general” shades, and unfortunately, Rouge Podium is one of those that didn’t make the cut.

    Kelliegonzo, I wish! Ahh, I love lipstick. I make my swatches using store testers (that’s the display in Neiman Marcus you see in the top photo).

  • NeenaJ says:

    Thanks for the beautiful swatches! Do these seem similar to the new Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipsticks? How do they stack up in terms of sheerness/glossiness?

  • Katherine says:

    I really like the look of Boho also! Seems like the perfect peachy coral color for spring and summer.

  • Pili says:

    They merged the old Addicts and the High Shines. Some shades haven’t been revamped, such as Champagne Blush or Trendy Pink. 454 is the revamped Rose Show High Shine, 579 was Rose Vision Addict, 680 was Shiniest Mauve/Catwalk Mauve. I’m such a geek LMAO!

  • Adele says:

    And I looked at this post why?! I want five more! At least!

    (All right, I’m secretly happy. Thank you!)

  • Diane C. says:

    They look pretty, and Kate Moss is beautiful, but I can get 2 MAC lipsticks for a little more than $28. IMHO, not worth it!

  • Tiffany says:

    I really like a couple of the lighter shades but I have no idea if they’ll show up at all on me. I’ll have to test them out. Rouge Podium also looks really nice, and I see it on Nordstrom’s site so I’ll keep an eye out for it next time I’m there. :)

  • Lee says:

    Thank you for doing the swatches!
    Even though I have tried a few at the counter, my lips were so red after the constant putting on lipsticks and removing them! lol

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Debbie, here’s my swatch of the old 623 Infamous Pink: http://karlasugar.net/2009/06/dior-addict-lipstick-part-2/

    I’d think the closest shade now would be 626 Androgyne or 714 New York.

  • panties says:

    Garconne is my unsung hero. If you’re anywhere from NC25-NC35, check that one out. It’s glorious !!!


  • Maddie says:

    I bought LA and New Look already and I love them both. Although LA is lighter, like most of the sheerer shades it can be built up to show off the color. They are AWESOME. You’ll love New Look, Karla!

  • Where’s Feline, I can’t see it. :’(

  • Swathi says:

    You know where I stay , we have a few sephora exclusives and sephora isn’t even there in my country. And the regular 40 odd shades that should be there , a few aren’t. Like Gibraltar and Miami that I wanted so bad, but weren’t available. So I finally bought New Look, Rock n Roll and Granville. Amazing lipsticks though. I love these.

  • pelininstyle says:

    I loved your post! Actually I’m trying to understand which one is Kate wearing:)


  • Joan says:

    Hi Karla,

    I love your blog. Your swatches are very helpful – I checked these out before heading to my Dior counter and got Fashion, Show and Collection. My first Dior lipsticks!

    I have developed an allergy to Guerlain lipsticks particularly the new KissKiss Strass formula, which is a shame as I also have a bunch of KissKiss Maxi Shines that I can no longer use. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I tried on a sample of the new Dior Addict formula (the sample was Diorkiss) and found I could finally wear lipstick again without my lips swelling up. :-)

    Anyhow, a big THANK YOU!

  • emilyjane says:

    Two descriptions that I LOVE are ‘kidney purple’ and ‘T-mobile pink’. If you named lipsticks, well, we wouldn’t need you!

    I’ve just ordered Diorkiss, Nude, Granville and Rouge Podium. A fair selection, I think!

  • Molly says:

    how would you describe dior.com’s 313 30,Montaigne shade? It looks like the perfect nude, but it’s so hard to tell on their site.

  • Ana Naru says:

    Thanks!!! I love your swatches and reviews!!!

  • Salley says:

    I have the Rose Shocking and it’s my favorite lipstick ever! It’s a gorgeous color that matches really well with my natural lip color and skin tone when I apply just a light layer. I love how it kind of stains your lips. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and the color is still there! It moistures my lips even better than my chapstick and it doesn’t accent the dry spots of my lips like some lipsticks do. Over all, Dior Addict Lipsticks are the best I’ve ever tried!

  • Teresa says:

    wow thanks so much!

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