Dior Addict Lipsticks (on paper)

More swatches are always better (and different kinds of swatches can be especially helpful). So very special thanks to Kristina for swatching the available-at-Macy’s shades of Dior’s new Addict lipsticks on paper towels, then scanning them. Swatching on white can really help you see a shade’s undertones, and I think it’s a great supplement to arm swatches. Kristina also provided this excellent guide to old vs. new shade translation.
Dior, addict, swatches, 750 Rock 'n' Roll, 762 Paris, 621 Granville, 680 Millie, 535 Tailleur Bar, 322 Beige Perfection, 763 Reflet, 864 Couture, 745 New Look, 445 Createur, 333 Nude, 222 Beige Casual, 753 Fashion
Dior, Addict, swatches, 353 Blush, 586 L.A., 578 Diorkiss, 773 Rouge Podium, 865 Collection, 963 Red Carpet, 214 Tulle, 253 Basic, 465 Singuliere, 525 Vintage, 626 Androgyne, 681 Icone, 783 Londres, 579 Must-Have, 991 Perfecto
Dior, Addict, swatches, 635 Miami, 972 Rose Shocking, 971 Fourreau, 712 Beige Dandy, 714 New York, 260 Rose Deshabille, 561 Baby Rose, 797 Stiletto, 530 Bobo, 612 Spotlight, 881 Fashion Week, 872 Arty, 811 Smoky

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4 Responses to “Dior Addict Lipsticks (on paper)”

  • Priya says:

    Thanx for the swatches.i think paper swatches are more helpful than arm swatches.

  • Fantastic. Who knew paper towel worked so well for this. How did Kristina scan them without smearing the product? I’m amazed the oils in the lipstick didn’t soak into the paper fibers. There must be 40 colours here!

  • Barbara says:

    Dior made a Rose lipstick some years ago. It had blue specks which were glittery. Where can I find this again. Unable to see this in store.

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