Essie Resort Giveaway

A few days ago I posted swatches of Essie’s two latest collections: Bridal and the pro-only, African-inspired Resort. So many of you said you liked the somewhat-harder-to-find Resort collection that I was inspired to give a Resort set away.

One randomly selected winner will receive all four Essie Resort polishes (Your Tent or Mine, Lion Around, Da Bush, and Fair Game).

How to Enter:

  • To earn your first entry, leave a comment on this post telling me what country you live in.
  • If you participate on the makeup forums at Talk, you can earn a second entry by telling me your username there. (If you’re not really participating, your second entry won’t count.)

The sweepstakes begins today and will end Sunday, May 8, at midnight. Readers anywhere in the world are eligible to enter.

Prizes provided by Essie.

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315 Responses to “Essie Resort Giveaway”

  • rebecca says:

    Canada! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rebie says:


    I’m living in France

  • Mary Anne says:

    I like in the USA, KY!

  • Abha says:

    I stay in Virginia, USA!!! Btw I love ur blog n wait for ur reviews before buying any new makeup products…… :-)

  • Therese Cranick says:


  • Irena B says:

    Greeeat giveaway! I’m from Croatia! Thank you!

  • Whaou I love this new resort collection^^ I want it <3 <3

  • saku says:

    Hi, from USA.

  • Karen says:

    USA! Love love love Essie!

  • Joanne says:

    Im in Northern Ireland…just discovered this site and already spent two hours looking through all the reviews, love the nail pics, lovely to see shades ‘in the flesh’ rather than looking at a bottle! Thanx

  • Irina says:

    I live in Romania

  • peripatetic33 says:

    i live in the United States
    Happy Spring

  • ALY says:

    Hi thanks for the giveaway!

    I live in the US!

  • Kirsten says:

    Canada! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  • Sam says:

    I live in the USA! In OHIOOOO :)

    thank you for this giveaway!!!!!

  • Romina says:

    im from Uruguay!! awesome giveaway!!

  • Wendy H says:

    I live in the US of A — Georgia! :-D

  • Brooke says:

    Here I am in the USA!

  • Ashley Gonzales says:

    Resort…Essie…Sign me up! Thank you

  • Ashley Gonzales says:

    Duh…and I live in USA…Texas ;)

  • bambaki83 (Miriam) says:



  • Beth R. says:

    USA!!!!!! :D

  • Connie West says:

    I am in the USA!

  • Judith says:

    I live in Germany :)

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  • Michelle says:

    I live in the US, Texas to be exact. Thank you for the opportunity to win these wonderful colors from this collection.

  • Sarah O says:

    United States (San Francisco)

  • Jennifer says:


    Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  • Maribel says:

    Spain :D
    Thank you for the giveaway! xoox

  • Julia C. says:

    The good ol’ USA!

  • Xige says:

    I live in germany :)

  • Tracy says:

    I live in the U.S.

  • Virginia says:

    USA! Thanks.

  • Angelica says:

    i live in the USA! thanks :)

  • Lilian says:

    Hey! I live in the United States.

  • Amber says:

    I live in the United States.

    Fun giveaway!

  • Brittany says:

    I live in Hong Kong but am from NZ. :D

    Hope I win!

  • Lena N. says:

    Hi!!! I live in Germany!!!

  • Kara Dumont says:

    USA, USA, USA, Virginia Beach……home of SEAL TEAM 6!

  • Sarah D. says:

    USA :)

  • jennifer says:


    Hawaii BABY!

  • I live in Brazil.

  • Kristen says:


  • constance says:


  • Elizabeth says:

    USA!! :)

  • Aidee Vasquez says:


  • hermetic says:

    great giveaway! I am from Serbia

  • Kimmie says:

    USA… we rock

  • Lauren says:


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