Guest Swatcher: Chanel Rose Tourbillon

Chanel, Rose TourbillonVery special thanks to roving reporter glossedup, who picked up Chanel Joues Contraste blush 65 Rose Tourbillon (an Asian exclusive) on her travels and very graciously sent in swatches.

She says:

Rose Tourbillion is a glowy, cool, saturated, medium-to-deep raspberry-pink with no discernible shimmer on the cheek. I use a stippling (skunk) brush, and I get “dolly” pink cheeks. I’d say it’s also more pigmented than the average European JC.

Candy photographed a little dark in the swatch, but it’s a glowy, medium, warm, yellow-pinked peach. Tea Rose is a glowy, light, peached-pink. Espiegle is a medium coral-peach; its glowiness borders on shimmery. NARS Cadaques is a medium, dewy, sheer cool raspberry pink.

The main difference between Rose Tourbillon and Cadaques is in the finish (dewy vs. natural-to-glowy) and buildability — you can’t build Cadaques up very much before it starts to get sticky.

Chanel, Rose Tourbillon, swatches, Candy, Tea Rose, Espiegle, NARS, Cadaques
Glossedup is usually about a MAC NC25, Chanel 20 Clair/Cameo, or NARS Fiji. Though she thinks she might be a little paler at the moment.

The Chanel blushes swatched here are all the European (baked) version. As a general rule, the European JCs are less pigmented than their American counterparts. They’re also sometimes different colors.

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6 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Rose Tourbillon”

  • Vicky says:

    I love this blush. I was able to pick it up in London’s Selfridges though, I think it’s exclusive to that store (not sure about the other selfridges.

  • Nicole says:

    I picked this up in Heathrow before I flew home to Canada, totally unaware that it was an Asia exclusive. It’s a very pretty blush!

  • Lettie says:

    I LOVE these blushes I currently have seven and my obsession with them keeps growing I want to eventually have all the colors :/ I tend to ocd a bit about collecting. I ended up selling most of my MAC blushes and MSFs I was so taken with these blushes.
    My friend who lives in Singapore was raving about this color I keep wondering how it compares to the other pink toned blushes like Rose Cache. Also I have a bnib Espliege which I keep forgetting to use for the first time it’s soo pretty I just stare at it lol

  • Evelyn says:

    oo how pretty! I wish I had it! lol

  • Mally says:

    I got this Chanel JC in an Italian make up shop about 3 years ago, make up shops are the customary places where people buy high end make up and cosmetics in Italy.
    They didnt say it was an Asia exclusive, I reckon it wasn’t then.

  • Mally says:

    Oops, sorry I’ve made a silly blunder I jumbled up names and mistook Chanel JC Rose Tourbillon for Chanel JC Turbulent, this last one is the JC I got in Italy.

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