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MAC, Fashionflower, displayMAC Fashionflower is out on counters and online a little early… with perhaps a slight sense of deja vu. Just in case it comes up on Jeopardy!, here’s another collection featuring a woman looking up from the flower bed.

The eyeshadows are $14.50 each, and the powder is embossed with a daisy pattern.

Half the shadows in this collection are mattes, and I regret to say they are all chalky and unpigmented. Aqua (last seen in Dare to Wear) is mint-blue. I would say I had to build up this swatch the most. Free to Be (repromoted from Liberty of London, also seen in Dare to Wear) is a muted, bricky, slightly reddish pink… like cinnamon gum. Groundcover is a lovely color, a perfectly taupe grey-brown with a satin finish. Though it, too, was chalky, I want to remember it otherwise, because I love the color.

Fresh Daisy is a shimmery white (Frost). Lucky Green (last seen in Digi-Pops) is a shimmery yellow-green (Veluxe Pearl). Bows & Curtseys appeared in the Six Twists of Tartan palette from the 2010 holiday collection. It’s a very blackened blue-green with green sparkles (Satin).
MAC, Fashionflower, eyeshadow, swatches, Fresh Daisy, Aqua, Lucky Green, Free to Be, Groundcover, Bows & Curtseys, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are two beauty powders ($25 each, also with the embossed daisy print. And Beauty Powders have a mirror in the lid). Light Sunshine is a lightly shimmery white-pink highlight.

Alpha Girl was last released with Heatherette, but that was before I was systematic about swatching every collection. So this is the first time I’ve given it “the arm treatment,” though I own it and have worn it. Anyway, as with some of my favorite Lancome powder blushes, I was surprised that it swatched so light. Alpha Girl is a light, warm pink with slight shimmer; for my skintone, it works as a blush.
MAC, Fashionflower, swatches, Beauty Powder, Light Sunshine, Alpha Girl, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are four Fashionflower lipsticks, each $14.50. Mlle is a milky, white lilac (a purpled pink). Summer Shower is clear with a slight blue tint, blue sparkles and a silver/white sheen. Growing Trend is a mauvey nude. Ever Hip, also repromoted from Liberty of London. It’s a warm, coral-pink.

There are three lipgelees (gloss in a squeeze tube with a slant-tip applicator, $14.50). Lipgelee was formerly MAC’s sheer, “jelly texture” lipgloss formula. It was phased out of the permanent line and reincarnated in several collections (Lillyland, repromoted in Venomous Villains, and Cham-pale), always super sparkly.

Fashionflower is clear with pink and silver sparkles. Now in Season is clear with blue and gold sparkles. Budding Beauty is sheer warm pink with fewer pink and gold sparkles.
MAC, Fashionflower, swatches, Mlle, Summer Shower, Growing Trend, Ever Hip, Now in Season, Budding Beauty, Lipgelee, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
This collection also repromotes the Penultimate eyeliner ($17.50). Admittedly, it’s been a while since I looked at one of these, but the tip is finer than I remember (which inspired my collection-themed illustration).

Also in the display is Studio Fix Boldblack Lash mascara, $14.
MAC, Fashionflower, Penultimate Liner
What do you think of the collection? Anything calling your name?

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7 Responses to “MAC Fashionflower”

  • Rachel says:

    Yes the brush tip for the Penultimate liner looks much thinner! This looks like the usual actual brush-tip type liners that many Japanese drugstore brands have, not like the previous Penultimate which was felt-tip and quite thick looking.. is it a felt tip or not?

  • Phyrra says:

    With the exception of Lucky Green, nothing seems exciting to me.

  • Jessi says:

    I bought Alpha Girl and Ever Hip. I LOVE Ever Hip and can understand why it sells out so quickly. I wasn’t even going to buy Alpha Girl because I heard that it was super sheer but it actually works really well as a blush on my skin too.

  • Linda says:

    When I received the e-mail from MAC the other day I immediately checked out the colors. They do absolutely nothing for me, and thats unusual! Nothing caught my eye one bit, and usually I can’t get on the website fast enough to make a purchase before it sells out. At least I saved some money this time around, on MAC anyway.

  • Carrie says:

    The Lipgelees are a little disappointing. They look so similar to Lipgelees from past collections. I had to get 2 Groundcover eyeshadows because I also fell in love with the color, but it’s too bad half of the eyeshadows are permanent shades. Alpha Girl looks really pretty and Summer Shower is interesting because it’s aqua in the tube. Luckily, I already own Ever Hip.

  • Pang says:

    I picked up four eyeshadows, two lipstick and one lipgelee. I was very disappointed with the Alpha Girl especially after all the hype. Could you recommend any coral blushes?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    What’s your skintone, Pang? And which brands are you looking at? MAC only?

    There are tons of coral blushes out there… I’d start by looking at this post:

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