Nu Skin Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer

Nu Skin, Perennial Intense Body MoisturizerThe older I get, the thirstier my skin gets. (Or maybe it’s because I moved from perpetually humid Houston to drier Dallas five-ish years ago.)

Anyway, I’ve been hunting for a good body moisturizer forever — and I have a cupboard-full of mostly full products to prove it. I want something that works (obviously), but I also want it to dry down. Some body butters stay… greasy. I hate the thought of transferring my moisturizer to my sheets or clothes. It’s been shockingly difficult to find something that fits the bill.

Well I was recently offered the opportunity to try Nu Skin’s Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer, and I have to say — without bells or whistles — this stuff just works. Perennial Intense contains IBR-Dormin™, a compound derived from Narcissus bulbs, which is supposed to bolster skin’s natural defense against environmental aggressors. The lightweight lotion is fragrance-free (a plus), absorbs nicely, and quietly keeps dry skin at bay.

I wouldn’t have found Nu Skin or their moisturizer on my own. The brand is a direct-selling company (like Mary Kay or Avon), based out of Utah but sold worldwide. You can also buy their products online, though their website is a little confusing to navigate (here’s the moisturizer). Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer is $20.43 (weirdly specific, right?).

Anyway, if you’re on the hunt for a body moisturizer, this one is definitely worth a look. This product was provided to me for review, but I liked it enough that I wanted to tell you about it.

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