Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow, Part 2

I had a makeover with Le Metier artist Gregg Hubbard a few weeks ago, and the number one thing I took away from the experience was that Le Metier wants to give women permission to take risks with their makeup. “You can’t really go wrong,” Gregg said. “You can work any shade into your current wardrobe of colors.”

Le Metier de Beaute specializes in quadruple-milled eyeshadows, which, according to their artists, stay true to shade, even as you layer colors. In fact, I think the artists take pride in layering unexpected combinations to create a complex final look. (Gregg worked Fire Lily into my makeover, a color I would have totally resisted based on its swatch.)

LMdB artist Ivan Castro also recommends not layering tone-on-tone eyeshadows. “You get more depth by layering different shades, and our shadows don’t get muddy as you build the colors,” he says. I watched him build Jojo + Lapis + Nutmeg with Midnight Sky at the lashline — weird, but it worked.
Le Metier de Beaute, eyeshadow, swatches, Jojo, Fire Lily, Tuscan Sunset, Thunder, River Stone, Alexandrite, Innocence, Noir, Jade, Goldstone, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Jojo is rose-sand shimmer. Fire Lily is a magenta rose shimmer. Tuscan Sunset is a warm pink satin, and LMdB sales associates say it can easily double as a blush. Thunder is an almost-black charcoal shimmer. River Stone is orange ocher (orange-yellow-tan), matte. Alexandrite is a shimmery red plum. Innocence is a shimmery copper coral pink (similar to the color of raw salmon). Noir is a near-black, dark, shimmery charcoal (very similar to Thunder, slightly darker; more on that later this week). Jade is a matte, muted, blued-green (like a composite tennis court) with sparkles. Goldstone is shimmery mustard gold. (Very yellow; 24 karat.)

Le Metier de Beaute eyeshadows are $30 each.

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6 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow, Part 2”

  • Natalie says:

    Aww you are killing me! I cannot wait for the rest of the swatches :) I just ordered three shadows.. What are your favorite eyeshadows so far?

  • BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait for part 3! I have Fire Lily and Alexandrite already and just ordered JoJo, Tuscan Sunset and Plum last night. After seeing these swatches Innocence is definitely added to the short list!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Well you know me and neutrals… my favorites are Clay, Canvas, and Chameleon.

  • I have Chameleon too and I really want Canvas! I layered Fire Lily over Chameleon the other day (sounds odd I know) but it was fabulous! You need to play!

  • JoJo and Alexandrite are gorgeous. I only have Kaleidoscope eyeshadows but wish I’d paid attention to the singles when I had opportunity! x

  • Ria says:

    I would KILL for all of these in one palette. MAN.

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