Le Metier de Beaute Summer 2011

Le Metier’s Mediterranean-inspired summer collection is now on counters!: a new limited edition Kaleidoscope palette and four nail polishes.
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Penelope’s shades are a shimmery, muted-but-very-yellow (almost brown) sheer antique gold; a satin lavender; a shimmery bronze; and a very blackened green shimmer. I lightly layered the first three shades to simulate Le Metier’s couches de couleur application technique. The blended color was a warm brown, maybe even a soft rose-bronze.

Your eye color, lid color, eyeshadow base, and eyeliner will also affect the way you perceive Penelope, layered, on your eyes. With LMdB’s Champagne pencil as a base and that fourth, green shade as a liner, Penelope looked cooler on my face than it does here on my arm. Like all Kaleidoscopes, Penelope is $95.

The nail polish bottles are quite small (.14 oz, or 4 ml), and they’re $10 each. Dionysus is a mermaidy blue-green shimmer. Athena is a blued green-grey shimmer. Hera is a pale gold shimmer. Eris is an orange “tobacco” leather shimmer.

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5 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Summer 2011”

  • Isn’t Penelope lovely! I’ve been playing with her a lot since getting her a few weeks ago. It’s a pity the green doesn’t show up in swatches as vibrant as it is in use. When I first did swatch pics I thought I was going to be disappointed with it and then when I applied it to my eyes with my MAC 239 it was so pigmented and vibrant. Totally not like the swatches. Odd but who cares…. I love her!

  • luv2smilexo says:

    I think I might need athena. Do you think its frosty at all?

  • Evelyn says:

    This palette is so amazing, every color (together and separately) just makes my rather olive brown eyes stand out. The green really needs to be seen in person. I’m not a green shadow person but it is so intense and gorgeous!

  • Dia says:

    Dionysus needs to be mine!! If only I was able to pick it up in person!

  • Susan says:

    How do you think these colors would look on a cool skinned brunette with dark brown eyes? I’m afraid the colors of the pallet would blend with my coloring too much. Thanks-

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