MAC Bloggers Obsessions

It’s almost a rite of passage: at some point, every MAC lover fantasizes about a collection THEY would create.

Well several months ago, MAC Cosmetics reached out to about 60 bloggers, swore us to secrecy, and asked us to concept an eyeshadow and a lipgloss for a top secret future collection. They chose 9 favorites and invited those bloggers to Toronto to bring their dream products to life. Now that collection is for sale — online only, for just six weeks, available to the U.S. and Canada.

I have to say, bravo, ladies. I could not be more impressed with what you came up with.
MAC, Bloggers Obsessions, swatches, Sparkle Neely Sparkle, Jealousy Wakes, Parisian Skies, Hocus Pocus, Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitrolicious 2046, All of My Purple Life, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! (created by Beauty Blogging Junkie) is a Velvet, a matte, warm red-wood-brown with a few gold sparkles. Jealousy Wakes (created by Temptalia) is a Veluxe Pearl, a teal green with an aqua sheen (it reflects blue). It also has super tiny gold sparkles. Parisian Skies (created by Lipstick Powder N Paint) is a slate blue Satin. Hocus Pocus (created by The Makeup Girl) is a very soft charcoal, a sooty black with micro-shimmer sparkles. It’s a Satin.

Evolution Revolution (created by Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog) is a sheer peach-pink with little blue/pink/gold multicolored sparkles. Caqui (created by Beauty Maverick) is opaque creme orange-red. Sonoran Rain (created by Shades of U) is an opaque strawberry red with tiny gold sparkles. Nitrolicious 2046 (created by Nitrolicious) is an opaque creme cherry red. All of My Purple Life (created by Afrobella) is a semi-opaque grape purple with micro blue-silver sparkles. Each of these nine products is $14.50 in the U.S.; $17.50 in Canada.

Even though my shades weren’t picked for the collection, I am immensely grateful that MAC sent me a set to swatch. (I was planning to buy Hocus Pocus and Caqui, regardless.)

Because this collection is only available online (meaning you won’t have a chance to try before you buy) — and given the unusual opportunity of possessing every shade — I wanted to do one better than arm swatches. Obviously, I don’t have nearly as much practice taking pictures of my face as I do of my arm. These were taken using the camera’s self timer, and my coffee table as a tripod.
MAC, Evolution Revolution, swatches, lip swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Evolution Revolution is pretty sheer (and I don’t really see the tiny sparkles unless I’m looking for them). I like the color, but it doesn’t have a lot of impact by itself. MAC artists are always pairing lipstick and gloss (to modify the final color, to extend wear-time on the lips), and I think Evolution Revolution might perform best as one of those “modifier” glosses.
MAC, Caqui, swatches, lip swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I LOVE Caqui. It’s an opaque red-orange (the same fuller-coverage finish as Viva Glam Cyndi lipgloss). As it wears down and gradually becomes more sheer, it becomes more pink (as more of my lip color shows through). Truly a perfect summer color.
MAC, Sonoran Rain, swatches, lip swatches, Karla Sugar, Karla Sugar
I was surprised to also really like Sonoran Rain. It’s another opaque shade (a finish I prefer for the lipglasses), a strawberry red. I don’t really see the sparkle on my lips (but I like it that way).
MAC, Nitrolicious, swatches, lip swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I know it’s kind of hard to see the difference between Sonoran Rain and Nitrolicious 2046 in these photos; let me try to talk  you through the comparison.  Nitrolicious 2046 is on the edge of my color comfort zone. It’s a violet-red that felt bold to me (it’s cooler than shades I normally choose). Like Caqui and Sonoran Rain, it’s opaque.
MAC, All of My Purple Life, swatches, lip swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Only Afrobella could get me to try on a purple lip-anything. I love, respect, and admire that woman tremendously, but she and I have very different preferences in makeup. When Patrice created this color, she said she wanted it to be “THE perfect purple for women of color.” I think she achieved that. On my fairer skin, the grape-purple is dark and sort of gothy. It’s semi-opaque, so I don’t think I could sheer it out over a lipstick. It is, however, amazing on her (photos republished with her permission).
Afrobella, All of My Purple Life
Afrobella, All of My Purple Life
Finally, I scoured the internet looking for swatches before placing my online order, and I wanted to share with you the photos that I found most helpful:
Temptalia’s lip swatches of the glosses
Karen’s full face swatches of the glosses
Karen’s full face photos of glosses paired with shadows
Karen’s swatches of Evolution Revolution on top of various lipsticks
Temptalia wearing Jealousy Wakes in an unexpected way
A longish “day-to-night” post in which Karen wears several of the products from this collection
And my favorite account of the trip the bloggers took, written by Afrobella

Before this collection released, there was a rumor that I had been one of the chosen bloggers. That was just a rumor (though I did enjoy it very much).

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23 Responses to “MAC Bloggers Obsessions”

  • Thank you – these are great – and aren’t you lovely!!! Appreciate the photos – will certainly help in ordering.

  • sixpomegranateseeds says:

    aw! i wrote on your FB page that i wished you had been chosen! just out of curiosity, what were the descriptions that you submitted?

    i ordered PS and HP…i like the lipglasses, but reds are not my comfort zone (the reddest i’ll go pink grapefruit l/g, and i have backups of it). similarily, i love temptalia’s blog, but i really would never wear JW.

    i don’t have anything very similar to HP and PS in my stash, so i felt they were worth it! hoping they will look ok on my warm skin.

    btw, MAC sent you the whole collex? lucky, lucky girl!

  • Faerie says:

    Thank you for swatching these! I always find your swatches most accurate. I’m just so upset Hocus Pocus and Jealousy Wakes are already sold out. Right now Mac’s “available for 6 weeks” seems like a joke :(

  • KarlaSugar says:

    sixpomegranateseeds, here are my eyeshadow & lipgloss submissions (I talked about them on Interact):

    And I COMPLETELY agree — I am so lucky/happy/proud I got to swatch these!

  • sixpomegranateseeds says:

    well, i think your ideas sound delightful and very wearable! i definitely would have ordered that l/g (i think there is a similar l/g coming out in semi-precious that i am excited for).

    you’re right about golden browns in the perm collex – the only great one i can think of is tempting, and the texture leaves a lot to be desired. i love cocomotion pigment, but i prefer pressed shadows and plus, that was LE :(

  • Lola AM says:

    Your review was dead on. I got all shadows except Sparkle Neely, and all lip glasses except Evolution and Nitro. I skipped Evolution because it was so sheer. I skipped Nitro because I am not a big fan of reds.

    I wanted Hocus Pocus to be more silvery, and I thought AOMPL was just a teeny bit too dark for my light skin even though I am a woman of color. Sonoran Rain turned out to be my fave.

  • pia says:

    Hi Ms. Sugar, I truly love this post as I could see full face swatches of all the lipglosses. I must say you look lovely in all of those pics, including one with AMLP. I was thinking of getting the reds but I have enough of red lippies to last me a lifetime, so I choose Afrobella’s creation. And looking at the swatches, I’m glad I ordered that one. *pats self*

  • You are so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • valerie says:

    wow – did she read our minds with Caqui or what? I just ordered, I can’t wait to get it! Also, I love seeing so many pics of your pretty face. :-)

  • I ordered Caqui, All of my Purple Life & Jealousy Wakes, and was a bit bummed that Caqui didn’t look better on me- the orange looks a bit dirty and olive toned on me, but I looks fantastic on you!

    I also have to say that in your pic, I don’t think the purple looks goth at all- it looks very classic/romantic (but with an edge). I think it would be a great alternative to a red, wine or burgundy lip. And you can always put it on over a clear gloss to sheer it out some!

  • Maria says:

    Thank you so much for including a review with your swatches! Both Karen and Christine (whom i love) provided swatches but would not comment on the quality of the products, making my purchase choice more difficult, especially as it was online only!

    I’m interested to know, had your products been included would you have felt the same way or reviewed regardless?

  • Jane says:

    Love!!! Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle and Evolution Revolution are calling to me! Afrobella’s Patrice is drop dead flippin’ gorgeous in that purple, had not read her blog before! I love discovering yet another fabu blog!

  • Aleksis says:

    Are you allowed to tell us which colors you came up with? I’m so curious!!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Maria, it’s hard to say for sure what I would have done in another situation, but I like to think I always give an honest description of a product’s color and performance (to guide folks who might not be able to see and touch a product before deciding to buy)… So I think I would have done that either way.

    Probably obvious, but I have tremendous respect for all these ladies, and my preferences for one product is not an indication of my feelings for its creator.

  • Citrine says:

    Caqui is such a lovely orange red!

  • DivaDebbi says:

    Oh Karla,
    This is such a fun post! Good for you to have been in the running! Kind of fab that Bloggers were asked to be involved. Loved seeing them on you! Wished you were picked too.

  • Troian says:

    If only MAC would of allowed the bloggers to come up with lipsticks. I’m not a fan of gloss. I do love Afrobella’s AMPL color on her though. I am light (NW15/20) and would LOVE a color purple as it shows on her lips. Fingers crossed for the future.

  • shiny says:

    Thanks for the swatches, Karla! The purple doesn’t look too goth – more dramatic, perhaps, but not extreme.

    A question about the Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle: how does it compare to Lancome’s ‘Impress’? I’m afraid of the SNS ‘disappearing’ on me, as it may be too similar to my own skin tone.


  • KarlaSugar says:

    Shiny, I’m not 100% sure what Impress looks like. I see that it was part of the Evening Splendor palette for holiday two years ago (, and I assume it’s either the fourth or the sixth shades?

  • Cayla says:

    I agree with JessicaAllison, All of My Purple Life looks great on you & has more a edgy yet romantic feel going on. You wear bold lip colors well! :)

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