Chanel Nordstrom Anniversary 2011

Nordstrom Anniversary is right around the corner (July 15-31) — which means special items and sets at almost every counter in the cosmetics department. Pre-sale for anniversary items starts July 5th, but I’ve heard that this year, only Nordstrom card holders will be able to buy during pre-sale. EDIT: Ultimate Makeup has some additional information: Card holders will be able to take home their purchases on July 5th.

Very excitingly, the Chanel counter is receiving the makeup pieces from Le Blanc (a collection that released 5-6 months ago in Asia).
Chanel, Le Blanc, Nordstrom anniversary, 2011, swatches, Rose Envolee, Desinvolte, Joyeuse, Liaison, Blossom, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection includes 31 Rose Envolee eyeshadow quad (round pans of baked powder, European/Asian style). The shades are sheer, satin-finish, pale beige pink (containing a very fine gold dust); softly shimmery white; soft satin purple-brown; and bubblegum pink with small, not-too-dense pink sparkles. It is $57.

There are two Rouge Allure lipsticks: 86 Desinvolte (corally pink) and 87 Joyeuse (Barbie pink). There are also two Glossimers: 154 Liaison (clear with a few red sparkles) and 152 Blossom (sheer pink with dense, tiny, pink and blue sparkles). One of my sales associates said she thought these two Glossimers felt a little thicker than usual. (Have you tried them? Do you agree?)

Rouge Allures are $32; Glossimers are $28.50.
Chanel, Le Blanc, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, Poudre Lumiere Perlee, Pearl Glow Powder, Rose Tourbillon, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There’s a warm-white pressed powder highlighter, Poudre Lumiere Perlee (or Pearl Glow Powder, $60). It contains tiny sparkles, but it’s hard to go overboard (you can see my best effort in the heavy swatch).

And Rose Tourbillon will finally be available to Americans! (Revisit glossedup’s fabulous comparison swatches of this blush.) If you missed Turbulent, Rose Tourbillon may assuage your craving. It’s a cool pink with tiny silver sparkles (it’s also baked/Euro-style). Like all Joues Contrastes, it’s $43.

Two more things worth mentioning: Nordstrom counters will also be receiving Eau Douceur Cleansing Water/Makeup Remover ($45, for face and eye, only available in Europe until now). AND there’s a 6.8 oz. Coco Mademoiselle EDP Pour.

If you don’t have a Nordstrom counter near you, or you don’t have a counter you’re loyal to, please feel free to call my absolutely wonderful ladies at Nordstrom Northpark (Elena, Kristyn, Meredith, and Mary) at 214-231-3900.

Also, if you’re in Dallas, national artist John Fussell will be at Northpark on July 19th (call to make your appointment!).

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15 Responses to “Chanel Nordstrom Anniversary 2011”

  • Liv says:

    Wait, so is this going to be available at any nordstrom?

  • Dia says:

    I was told by my SA that only cardmembers can preorder. She (of course) wanted me to get a card with her and I had to make an appointment to even see the book of exclusives. And she said that the employees had to sign a contract that they would only presell to cardholders. If they sold to anyone who isn’t a cardholder, their employment will be terminated. If she’s lying just to get credit for signing people up for the card, I’d love to know. :( She even made an appointment for me (that I need to cancel) and gave me a brochure on the Nordstrom cards.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Liv, yes, this collection will be for sale at every Nordstrom Chanel counter.

    Dia, your SA may not have been lying. I’d also heard that only cardmembers could pre-order. Ultimate Makeup heard from her SA that anyone could pre-order; only cardmembers could pick up early. Her SA may have been the one to misunderstand. Maybe I’ll livechat Nordstrom for confirmation.

    If your SA (and mine) have it right, that’s definitely a new thing for Nordstrom. I wonder if they’ll repeat the rule after this year. (And if we don’t like it, maybe we should write to them.)

  • Dia says:

    I really hope that my SA was right, even if it’s bad for me (and good for my wallet.) I’ve known her for years and I’d hate to hear that she deliberately told me something untrue. I would support writing to Nordstrom over the policy this year. I am a loyal customer who’s been making a point to buy there for years, but that apparently counts for nothing since I don’t have a Nordstrom card. I just want to buy the products that I want without being made to feel like I’m less of a valued shopper in Nordstrom’s eyes.

  • bluematilda says:

    ok, so i’ve been drooling over this for months now, and over the past week have tried many avenues to pre-order without getting the credit card…all have been denied!:( i think they are telling the truth, the sas that is, something about cardholders being “angry” that they really don’t get any exclusives and “what’s the point of being a nordstrom cardholder if they don’t get anything special” so this is apparently a thank you for those cardholders-they told me i could get a nordstrom debit, but who really wants nordstroms tied into their checking account? (not me) and you still have to give them your ss #….hopefully some will still be available on the 15th!!

  • Liv says:

    Darn. That stinks. I’m not interested in getting a nordstrom card or whatever. I agree, hopefully there will still be some stuff left. I love the look of this collection.

  • Ann says:

    I work at Nordstrom and anniversary technically begins on July 15th. There has always been pre-select… and anyone can do it. Usually customers have to wait to get their merchandise until the first day of the sale July 15th. The big difference this year is that when pre-select starts cardholders will be able to take their merchandise home. It is supposed to be for cardholders as a reward (much like rewards points and coupons at other stores).

    And speaking of cards we offer a Nordstrom debit card which links directly to your checking account so there is no interest and no credit check and you still get your points. I don’t think anyone was told they would get fired and that’s pretty crappy to tell customers anyway!

    And p.s. if you’re a regular Nordstrom guest you should be getting your points anyway with a card! it’s 2 points per dollar and during anniversary it’s doubled. Each 2000 points you earn you’ll receive a $20 Nordstrom note to use in store.

  • Eileen says:

    The sale begins the 15th. The pre-sale for card holders begins the 5th. That’s by appointment.

    Sabrina on The Beauty Look Book Book has some beautiful “real life” swatches of the quad and lip colors on her blog March 10-13 posts. There are also some comparisons to other Chanel colors. The pictures give a much better idea of what the collection actually looks like. It’s gorgeous!

  • Nemo says:

    Just read Best Things In Beauty; in order to get this new CHANEL, is a Nordstrom card a must-have?

  • Jessica says:

    i had no idea you went to the nordstroms in northpark! wow im shocked! lol anyways ive been liking that chanel counter because its always so quick and easy. I always get the same lady, although i never asked her name. I need Desinvolte RA, but do you have to be a nordstrom card holder?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Nemo and Jessica, no, you don’t have to be a cardholder to buy from this collection (but you’ll have to wait until the 15th when anniversary officially starts). Cardholders can shop early (starting on the 5th).

  • Angela says:

    Hi, do you know if these will be available online as well? thanks!

  • Beth says:

    Honeslty, as pretty as the collection is, I’m not going to purchase any of it either. I do not have a nordstroms card (don’t want one) and find it odd that they would actually not allow someone to make a purchase.
    Someone should tell them that other large stores, BG, NM, Saks, do not keep special editions for their cardholders only, so they are the ones that I will take my business ( and Amex) to in the future,

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Angela, yes you will be able to shop online.

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Karla, I was wondering if Poudre Lumiere Perlee is a highlighter worth purchasing? Does it seem better or worse than other highlighters on the market? Thanks! Wonderful swatches as always!

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