Guerlain Le Stylo Levres Lipliner

When Guerlain released their fabulous new Rouge Automatique lipstick, they concurrently released new and reformulated lipliners. At the time I was completely focused on the lipsticks, and I thought “I’ll come back for the lipliners.”

Well seeing these liners in action last weekend (Marcus Monson was in town, working his magic at the Neiman Marcus counter) reminded me of my swatching intentions. The lipliners seemed so nice — both in formula and shade range — I could put them off no longer.

Guerlain’s lipliners are $29 each and mechanical (twist up, retractable).

Weird side note: I asked about the price of these at my Neiman Marcus counter, and heard $29. lists them for $35 (the price of a Rouge Automatique), but lists them for $29. I live-chatted with Neiman Marcus to ask them if they’d made a mistake. They said no, but they’d price-match Saks. Weird, right?
Guerlain, Le Stylo Levres, lipliner, swatches, 44 Bois de Santal, 45 Terre de Sienne, 63 Rose de Mai, 64 Pivoine Magnifica, 24 Rouge Dahlia, 25 Iris Noir, 43 Feve Tonka, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
44 Bois de Santal is mauve-pink. 45 Terre de Sienna is a warm, muted, watermelon rose (love!). 63 Rose de Mai is cool, medium pink. 64 Pivoine Magnifica is brighter cool pink. 24 Rouge Dahlia is cherry red. 25 Iris Noir is deeper violet-red. 43 Feve Tonka is a warm yellow-brown leather-tan with a slight violet reflect.

Do you own one of these? Do you love it?

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4 Responses to “Guerlain Le Stylo Levres Lipliner”

  • xiao says:

    I do own it. The colors are beautiful and I love the twist-up packaging, but for some reason they’re *really* drying on me.

  • BridalGal says:

    What is the texture like? It looks like a lipstick on your arm, is it really a liner?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I know, right? They seemed incredibly smooth.

  • Fran (Battista) Gartner says:

    Karla, I use #44 Bois de Santal. Marcus recommended it, when I asked for a Guerlain lip liner that is ‘nude’ and works with the peach/coral/orange Rouge Automatiques as well as the berry/pink shades. One liner for all ip shades just kind of simplifies things.

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