Marc Jacobs Splash 2011: Cocktail Collection

Marc Jacobs, Splash, Cocktail, Ginger, Curacao, CranberryI didn’t used to be a seasonal fragrance person. I bought my fragrances one at a time, and used them every day ’til I finished the bottle. But too much time spent in the cosmetics department has me sticking my nose into everything, and discovering the pleasures of a summer scent fling.

Every year since 2006, Marc Jacobs has released a trio of limited edition “Splash” fragrances for spring/summer. They’re light, uncomplicated, low-commitment scents.

This year’s offering is the “cocktail” collection, and each of the three EDTs is perfectly evocative of a relaxed summer afternoon, drink in hand.

My favorite is Curaçao (an orange-flavored, blue-colored liqueur, pronounced KIRA-so). It’s fresh and tropical, not too sweet, not too floral (I smell cucumber and lime). In my opinion it’s slightly masculine, and I like that. The notes are (top:) lime and blood orange, (heart:) violet, apricot, and pear, (base:) white moss. When we’re having people over for a cookout, it’s been my “hostess” scent.

Cranberry is probably the most likely to transition with the seasons. It really does smell like a perfume-interpretation of cranberries (which triggers an automatic “Thanksgiving” response in me). Its top notes are cranberry and tangerine, followed by a heart of honeysuckle and red current, finishing with a base of musk and wood.

Ginger smells SO good on paper, but tragically doesn’t agree with my skin. Its top notes are ginger and coriander, heart of cognac, bourbon, passionfruit, and rhubarb, with a base of sandalwood. It has a dry sweetness that makes it very non-foody for me. I’m pretty sure I would love this on someone else.

The Splash fragrances are sold in 300 ml EDT bottles (big), and they’re $68 each. I’ve seen them in Sephora, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

Students of all things Marc Jacobs may be curious to know the history of Splash releases. Here they are:

2006: Marc’s Summer Memories
Grass, Rain, Cotton

2007: Marc’s Summer Pleasures
Orange, Rain, Cucumber

2008: Sorbet Collection
Grapefruit, Pear, Basil

2009: Sunshine Collection
Lemon, Rain, Cucumber

2010: Patisserie Collection
Pomegranate, Biscotti, Apple

2011: Cocktail Collection
Cranberry, Ginger, Curacao

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2 Responses to “Marc Jacobs Splash 2011: Cocktail Collection”

  • ThesPNation says:

    Thanks for that info Karla because I LOVE these! And thanks for that history lesson because I totally forgot that 2008 was the year that he came out with the Pear one which I loved sooooo much. I was so sad when I realized it was an LE item (I should have bought at least three bottles haha). I also have cucumber which is great for an air freshener too! I look forward to smelling these. ~sP

  • candace says:

    I love Ginger, but I actually wish these were a little smaller… I’ll never use 300 ml! Plus it’s a difficult size to travel with :/ sigh. A mini collection would be absolutely perfect!

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