NARS Fall, continued

To my great angst, last week’s post about NARS’ 2011 fall collection was incomplete (missing Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Galion nail polish). But what frustrated me last week may have been a blessing in disguise, as it gave me an opportunity to reswatch a few things, and add in a few comparisons.
NARS, fall, 2011, swatches, Montego Bay, Thunderball, Galion, Train Bleu, Mascate, Vesuvio, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I thought it might have been distracting to see Montego Bay Pure Matte Lipstick right next to the very cool Mascate, so I separated them. I think this photo better illustrates that while Montego Bay is a candy rose blue-pink, it’s a forgiving blue-pink. I think even ladies who generally prefer warm lipsticks (myself included) will be able to wear it.

My sales associate likened Galion nail polish to Thunderball eyeshadow, so I swatched them together. And I’m glad I did, because Thunderball was just discontinued — new-for-fall Outremer took its place on the permanent display.

Thunderball is a greyed, greened, matte blue (and it might be a closer match for Galion if I had swatched Thunderball wet). Galion is a dark, muted, greyed, desaturated navy. I thought I could resist it, but after wearing it on my fingernails for 24 hours, I really want it. It looks incredibly chic for fall (and yet somehow modest and conservative).

Train Bleu (Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $24) is deep, dark, Bing cherry red-purple.

And reader Hing asked how Mascate Pure Matte Lipstick compared to permanent Vesuvio. Vesuvio is brighter, more intense, cool cherry red (like a Maraschino cherry in its vividness). Mascate is a little deeper, more violet-crimson.

Now, when I swatched Galion, I thought, “that color looks really familiar.” So I trotted over to the Dior counter to compare it to 804 Perfecto. I really, really love being right. The two shades are essentially indistinguishable.
NARS, Galion, Dior, Perfect, comparison swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
NARS polish is $17; Dior is $21 — not a huge price difference. So if you prefer one brand’s brush or formula, go for that one. Galion is limited edition; Perfecto is permanent (for now).
NARS, Galion, Dior, Perfect, comparison swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I managed to capture this photo, which suggests that maybe the NARS is one iota lighter, with a molecule more green to it… but looking at my nails indoors, outdoors, in all kinds of lighting, with my naked eye I can’t tell the difference between these two.

And did I mention that is currently offering free shipping at any price? Happy shopping, readers.

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6 Responses to “NARS Fall, continued”

  • Love the look of Montego Bay but I find the rest of the collection quite boring, mind you I haven’t seen them in real life yet.

  • Alexanrarc says:

    Nice comp Karla! They’re stunning on you!

  • valerie says:

    Interesting! How would you say Galion compares with Dior Bond Street? Much darker? Still looking for a Bond Street dupe…

  • Sabrina says:

    Oooh, you saved me $$$ since I have Perfecto already. I decided to pass completely on the NARS fall collection, but your swatch of Montego Bay has me rethinking this. I think it might be one that turns a bit fuschia on my lips, but it looks so amazing on your arm.

  • Hing says:

    Lots, lots, lots of thanks, Karla!! :)
    Galion looks super stunning on your nails!!

  • Celia says:

    Aw, I love Thunderball e/s! I wonder if I should buy a back up. I would be sad if I lost it.

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