In Case of Emergency

Total studmuffin LiliVonSchtupp purchased the “In Case of Emergency” makeup bag we were talking about last week, and she sent photos and her thoughts (in case anyone was still on the fence):

I got my Museum of Contemporary Art “In Case of Emergency” bag today. The bag is off-white, heavyweight canvas, with black block printing. It measures about 7″ wide by 5.5″ high. It doesn’t have a lot of capacity, but definitely enough for a day’s worth of take-along items. (Or a weekend’s worth, I guess, if you’re a “low-maintenance” kind of girl.)

It sells for $13, plus $7.95 shipping, which is high, considering the size/weight. But since the money goes to the museum store, I’m OK with it.

Here’s the link to buy.

Mascara Emergency

And to see what this bag can comfortably carry, this is what LiliVonSchtupp has been putting in it:

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7 Responses to “In Case of Emergency”

  • amy says:

    anyone with the name Lilyvonshtupp is pretty cool in my book

  • Lol- that bag is too funny!

  • AndreaC says:

    Hi Karla!

    First of all, love your blog. :-) Thanks for showing this fun bag. I live in Chicago so I’ll check it out in person. Also a great idea for a gift.

    Thanks again!

  • Leah says:

    I love this/need this in my life!

    P.S. Kind of want to name my first born child Lilyvonshtupp!

  • LiliVonSchtupp says:

    LOL, thank you Karla for the shoutout, and thankyou for posting the original link to the bag on Twitter!

  • AlexandraRC says:

    OMG I love the concept and the fact that it’s to support art.

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