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MAC, ColourizationsA few weeks ago, Nordstrom launched the Cine-matics collection for their anniversary sale. As I mentioned at the time, some of those items were Nordstrom exclusives, and others were the early release of an August collection called Colourizations. Since Colourizations is now on all counters, I thought we’d take another look.

Colourizations introduces the fabulous new Double Feature eyeshadow duos. It also repromotes a few permanent items: several of the Technakohl eyeliners, Zoom Lash mascara, the 222 tapered blending brush, and the 275 angled eyeshadow brush.

The eyeshadow duos are $25. They are magnetized, clear-topped compacts in the style of MAC’s new quads — but they’re half the size. I’ve heard a rumor that later this year, MAC will be selling empty two-pan palettes alongside their empty quads (and pro pans), but THESE pans are glued in place (don’t attempt to de-pot!).
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, eyeshadow duo, Double Feature, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The pigmentation and texture of almost every pair is excellent, though the shades aren’t individually named.

Double Feature 1 contains a gently frosty dirty yellow (Veluxe Pearl) and a satin/frost royal purple (Frost). Double Feature 2 includes a soft-frost lime (Veluxe Pearl) and a a satin, midnight-blue-charcoal (Frost). I was surprised to LOVE Double Feature 3, a matte turquoise (Matte) paired with a matte dark brown taupe (Satin). Both shades are very pigmented and very smooth. I’m tempted, even though I’d probably only use the turquoise as a liner. Double Feature 4 offers a frosty teal (Veluxe Pearl) and a matte camel (Matte).
MAC, Cinematics, Cine-matics, Nordstrom Anniversary, 2011, swatches, eyeshadow duo, Double Feature, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Double Feature 5 includes a satin ballet-pink (Frost) and a red-brown that reflects sea-green shimmers (Frost). Double Feature 6 is my other favorite, with a matte mushroom/bisque (Matte) and a frosty golden brown (Veluxe Pearl). Double Feature 7 includes a matte fuchsia with ultra-tiny blue sparkles (Frost) and a slightly dry-feeling near-black matte/satin (Satin). Double Feature 8 includes a soft-frost bold tangerine (Frost) and a chalky-but-pretty grey-blue-purple satin (Satin).

The collection also repromotes some of the Technakohl liners (Graphblack, Photogravure, Purple Dash, Auto-de-Blu, Uniform, and Jade Way). I was going to swatch them, and I thought, “why stop halfway?” So I swatched every Technakohl I could find a tester for.
MAC, Technakohl eyeliner swatches, Graphblack, Greyprint, Photogravure, Brownborder, Plank, Earthline, Purple Dash, Auto-de-Blu, Auto de Blu, Smoothblue, Jade Way, Antiquity, Uniform, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Technakohl liners are $15, mechanical (twist up), water-resistant eyeliners. The trouble with mechanical pencils in general is that there’s (a small amount of) air around the entire stick of product, so they can dry out over time — especially if you’re not careful about putting the cap back on (I also think this is how Shadesticks got their bad reputation). As you can see, they’re quite nice when they’re new.

Graphblack is matte black. Greyprint is a shimmery, cool, medium-dark, industrial grey. Photogravure is dark, cool, matte brown. Brownborder is a lighter, warmer (more red), matte wood brown. Plank is a shimmery red-brown. Earthline is a satin cool brown with a silvery reflect (and a touch of purple). Purple Dash is a shimmery royal purple. Auto-de-Blu is a rich matte peacock blue. Smoothblue is a shimmery lagoon blue. Jade Way is shimmery muted shamrock green. Poor Antiquity. I just found this one, dried-out tester that had been left uncapped for who-knows-how-long. The color’s been discontinued, and nobody had it to sell. It’s a shimmery, dirty olive green. Uniform is a satin golden olive brown (it has a few gold sparkles).

Zoom Lash mascara is $15, the 222 tapered blending brush is $29, and the 275 angled eyeshadow brush is $24.50.

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  • krazy says:

    thanks karla. awesome job

  • cindy says:

    This ROCKS……YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

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