MAC Me Over: New Black

MAC Me Over, New Black, displayWelcome back, readers, to the third and final installment of MAC’s first big fall collection, MAC Me Over. This collection used six lucky fans, plucked from an open casting call, to be the faces of MAC’s fall trends. Providing something for everyone, then, this collection includes “Basics,” “Icelandic Cool,” and “New Black.” MAC Me Over goes on sale August 25.

If you live in Dallas, the Pro store in Northpark is having their own MAC-[You]-Over event, August 25, 26, and 27th from 11 am to 6:30 pm. You have to make a $50 minimum purchase, but this seems like a collection you could easily spend $50 on — so why not get your makeup done at the same time? Call 214-360-0990 to make your appointment.

New Black is dark, but not as outright goth as, say, 2009′s Style Black.
MAC Me Over, New Black, swatches, Evil Eye, Palace Pedigreed, Spellcaster, Moody, Dark Diversion, Avenue, Midnight Blues, Dark Envy, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
ShirleyFor me, the Evil Eye eyeshadow quad ($38) was the one piece of MAC Me Over that underperformed. It features Palace Pedigreed, a repromote from Fabulous Felines — and is this shade becoming permanent? Palace Pedigreed is a slightly chalky plum/red-purple satin with a very few sparkles. Spellcaster is the kind of shadow that gives MAC Mattes a bad name. It’s a dark blue-purple, and I found it chalky and unyielding. It was impossible to get a smooth, even swatch. Evil Eye is a slightly chalky, muted, slate-, greened-blue matte. Moody is a slightly chalky, shimmery, dark, purple-blue charcoal. Perhaps you planned to wear these sheerly, or use them as liners, and the texture wouldn’t bother you.

Everybody loves new shades of Fluidline gel eyeliners (especially because MAC pared the permanent shade range down to so few). Dark Diversion is a repromote from Stylishly Yours, a deep red-plum/burgundy-purple satin. Avenue is new, a very dark brown (almost black) with lots of antiqued gold sparkle. I probably wouldn’t use this one on the waterline, because the sparkle is on the larger side and might irritate. MAC, Fluidline, comparison, Ivy, Siahi, Midnight Blues, Dark Envy, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla SugarMidnight Blues is a peacock blue satin. Dark Envy is a beautiful, jewel-tone, blued-green teal satin. All four Fluidlines are $15 each; all four are limited edition.

As soon as I saw Midnight Blues and Dark Envy swatched side by side, I thought of Siahi and Ivy from Mickey Contractor. The colors aren’t precisely the same: the Mickey Contractor shades are a bit brighter/more saturated; the MAC Me Over fluidlines are a little more muted. Siahi and Midnight Blues might be close enough for goverment work, though. If you’ve been pining for Siahi, Midnight Blues might satisfy you. The difference between Ivy and Dark Envy is more pronounced. Ivy is jewel-tone green; Dark Envy is more muted and more blue/teal.
MAC Me Over, New Black, swatches, Rebel, Prince Noir, Smoked Purple, Runaway Red, Purple Majesty, Deep Sea, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
NicoleRebel lipstick is magenta-violet, a repromote from the permanent collection. Prince Noir is new and limited edition, a dark red burgundy. Smoked Purple is permanent to pro, and the color is pretty much exactly what the words “smoked purple” evoke for me. Runaway Red is new and limited edition. It’s a bold, fall-ready, red lip. The lipsticks are all $14.50.

There are two new nail polishes (both $15). I kind of wish Purple Majesty had been named something else. I like the color (which is like beet juice, deep, plush, red-purple), but I disconnect on the name. Deep Sea is green teal creme.

And finally, New Black features the 211 pointed liner brush ($18).

Now that you’ve seen it all, which pieces are the must-haves for you?

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10 Responses to “MAC Me Over: New Black”

  • Lynn says:

    The must-have for me is the runaway red lipstick because of all the press it’s been getting on the fall runways.

  • lauren clark says:

    I think I’ll just get the blue and green fluidline and the outre, moleskin, and one other shadow…and both blushes. but that’s it! lol

  • Korryn says:

    I’m curious if Prince Noir, Kittenish & Cunning are very similar? When I first read the description for Prince Noir it said it was a deep blue purple, but in reality it’s a red-purple color. Help!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Cunning is certainly similar (here’s a swatch:, though it looks more sheer than full-coverage, matte Prince Noir. Kittenish (swatched here: is not only more sheer, it’s also more brown, more raisiny. Hope that helps!

  • Korryn says:

    Thank you Karla Sugar!!!!

  • Carrie says:

    Beautiful swatches! I’m wondering how Midnight Blues compares to Waveline?

  • This has sinched it, I need three of the fluidlines! I want avenue as well but I think it won’t get used often enough to justify. Dark Envy, Midnight Blues and Dark Diversion though I need in my life I think. Great swatches as always!

  • Charu says:

    I was JUST thinking how similar Midnight blues looked to Siahi — thanks so much for the side by side arm swatches. Those two fluidlines (Ivy /Siahi) work so beautifully with my skin tones, as does Gulabi–one of my all time fave lip shades. I am noticing some similarities of Mac Me Over to the current Posh Paradise (I’m looking at Eden Rouge and Runaway Red — but Eden Rouge looks a bit more red red to me). Anyway, inspired now to do more swatching. Thank you!

  • Janey says:

    I’ve skipped a fair number of MAC’s 2011 collections, but this one’s different! I’ll HAVE to cut down my list: All of the Shadesticks from “Icelandic Cool” (maybe I can make it without Cakeshop and Street Cool after all?), but I love the Lady Grey quad too!
    All of the “New Black” Fluidlines are GORGEOUS! I won’t even try to keep from buying Dark Envy – it’s my perfect green liner. But Avenue & Midnight Blues will be awfully hard to resist… & then there’s the Runaway Red lipstick…
    From “Basics,” just Social Light lipglass, but I do love a couple of the eyeshadows too.
    Well, when it rains, it pours, I guess!

  • monique says:

    Oh Wow! I am loving the Dark Envy, Avenue and Midnight Blues. I still don’t get the purpose or theme of this collection.

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