Weekend Recap

This was a great week for makeup, and a bad week for my willpower. I liked… everything.

MAC, Colourizations, Double Feature 3First, we took a look at the eyeshadow duos in MAC’s Colourizations collection (worth noting because they are sensational, and the artists in my pro store have been creating some really amazing looks with them). I liked turquoise/taupe Double Feature 3, though I might need some advice on how to make best use of a color that’s outside my usual comfort zone.

I also got the chance to swatch MAC’s Seasonally Supreme lipstick collection (a shade expansion for the Sheen Supreme formula). I think I need fire red-orange Korean Candy. I also liked warm pink Fashion City.
MAC, Sheen Supreme, Seasonally Supreme
Also on the lip-front, I am intrigued by Urban Decay’s new Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color, especially fiercely orange Punch Drunk. (It’s still summer and my lips want to show it.)

Guerlain, fall 2011, Mirror MirrorGuerlain’s fall collection has arrived on counters, bewitching me with eyeshadow quads Les Gris and Les Fumes (…and Les Cuirs. And Les Verts.) It also reminded me that I like Gina Rouge G lipstick. But you don’t have to take my word for it; Beauty Look Book swatched them too: Gris, Fumes, Bois de Rose.

Chantecaille’s new fall palette and new Calla Lily Lip Chic both look beautiful… and I finally found a white flowers fragrance I really like: Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile.

mascara emergency, makeup bag, In case of emergency, put mascara on yourself before helping othersBirchbox tweeted a photo of a hilarious, adorable makeup bag, which I just love, and Susan found where to buy it: the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

Other things that were great this week:

Do you read Australian blogger Swatchgirl? Obviously I’m always pro-swatching, but I especially like her polish reviews, because she takes fantastic photos and, if she doesn’t like something, she’ll explain why. I particularly enjoyed her recent review of Sportsgirl Popsicle nail polish.

Cafe Makeup wrote an outstanding and thorough review of Chanel’s limited edition eyelash curler.

If you’ve been looking for the brilliantly written and gorgeously photographed Best of Beaute blog, she’s now A Vain Woman. If you have a weakness for makeup, you may need a chaperone to read this blog.

And finally, you absolutely must follow Eva Chen Bannister (beauty editor for Teen Vogue) on Twitter, Tumblr… wherever you can. Writing for one of the glossies was a longtime dream of mine (other career ambition: sitcom writer). On the one hand, Eva’s social media stream tells me that that life is even better than I’d imagined (which fills me with longing). But she is so smart, savvy, fashionable, and nice, you can’t help admiring her as one of the coolest girls in the universe. Following her is the next best thing to working for a fashion magazine yourself.

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