Weekend Recap

What am I coveting this week? More eyeliner and more nail polish, it seems.

Too Faced, Perfect Eyes Waterproof LinerI swatched Too Faced’s new Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner and was impressed by the ultra-creamy formula. I loved Peacock and Black Orchid.

NARS, Night Series, nail polishI also checked out NARS’ Night Series nail polishes (whose colors correspond to their Night series shadows) and really like dark green Night Porter and shimmery lilac Night Rider… and Mr. Salt complimented deep blue Night Flight, so there you have it.

And what did I read this week?

Well I loved Cafe Makeup’s comparison of Chanel Graphite and Revlon Carbonite. No one takes a macro picture quite like Amy, and her stunning photography of Revlon’s Carbonite has me planning a trip to CVS (even though I don’t usually like Revlon’s long floppy brush).

I’ve also been LOVING every post Messy Wands writes. I only perfected my photography technique and honed my writing style over time, but this girl was just born knowing how to write. I especially enjoyed her recent post on brow shading.

This is an older post, but new-to-me (I just Googled my way across it): the Non-Blonde’s review of Hanae Mori for women. I sometimes feel like such a novice when it comes to perfume. It’s something I’m interested in, and I think, with experience, I’m getting better at “sniffing analytically.” The way Gaia writes about perfume is just beautiful and evocative, whether you’re a fragrance ace or a casual enjoyer of scent.

Also relatively new-to-me: Front Row Beauty. It’s hard to pick just one post to recommend… maybe her Lunasol Chocolate Cosmos palette swatches and FOTD. Or her Becca Lost Weekend Palette FOTD, which made me wildly desire Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner. Ugh, she’s so cute it hurts.

You’ll probably end up spending hours browsing these fantastic blogs… and then find yourself wanting to spend far too much money on makeup, brushes, nail polish, and fragrance.  (But it’s worth it, right?)

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One Response to “Weekend Recap”

  • Rei says:

    Thank you so much the link karla!! I have been reading your blogs for years..I can’t believe that you have read my blog too?! :-)

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