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Tom Ford, lipstick, displayMakeup lovers and fashionistas have been all a-flutter over the launch of Tom Ford’s makeup line (yes, that’s him in the promotional photo). The line is HUGE, and already on counters in Europe — but it’s been a little slower to arrive in the U.S. suggests we’ll see the full range of products on November 1st; my counter thinks they’ll have it by mid-October.

But one thing we can talk about now is the lipsticks. These are the same formula that Mr. Ford introduced a year and a half ago: full coverage, comfortable to wear, boldly pigmented, “soft matte,” reasonably long-wearing (on account of the pigment), and unscented. A few of the original colors are still around; others were discontinued to make room for new shades. The packaging is now brown-black (instead of white), and the price has gone up to $48 a lipstick.
Tom Ford, lipstick, swatches, Blush Nude, Sable Smoke, Coco Ravish, Nude Vanille, Spanish Pink, Pink Dusk, Indian Rose, Pink Adobe, Casablanca, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Blush Nude was one of the original shades. It’s a light, warm, “clay” pink. Sable Smoke is deeper, a warm, nude, peach-beige-pink. Coco Ravish is a deeper, a warm, rosy brown. We are missing one shade: Deep Mink (apparently this particular color had some shipping problem, and may be missing from several counters). I suspect that Deep Mink would follow Coco Ravish.

Nude Vanille is pale, warm, cotton-candy pink. Spanish Pink is warm, sweetheart pink. Pink Dusk is another “keeper” from the original launch. It’s a slightly cooler, slightly mauvier pink than Spanish Pink. Indian Rose is a deeper, more vibrant, more mauvey pink. Pink Adobe is comparatively more muted, more beige (less pink, less violet). Casablanca is mauve-rose.
Tom Ford, lipstick, swatches, True Coral, Wild Ginger, Scarlet Rouge, Flamingo, Cherry Lush, Crimson Noir, Violet Fatale, Black Orchid, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
True Coral is another repromote from the first lipstick launch. It’s a really bright, saturated, warm, “hot red” pink. Wild Ginger is a searing, very orange orange-red. Scarlet Rouge is also a warm orange-red, but not as orange as Wild Ginger. Flamingo is aptly named, a bright flamingo pink. Cherry Lush was one of the original shades: a bright, juicy, cherry red (much more blue than Scarlet Rouge). Crimson Noir is a little lighter, slightly pinker, and a little warmer than Cherry Lush. It’s a vibrant red rose. Violet Fatale is purple-orchid magenta, a bold pink-purple. Black Orchid (another repromote) is black plum/sexy blackened red-brown.

What do you think, readers? Are you tempted?

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22 Responses to “Tom Ford Lipstick”

  • Chris says:

    I like the colors and pigmentation, but $48 is a little too much for a poor gal like me! :P

  • I just got Pink Adobe – love it! I also have True Coral and Pink Dusk from the first collection – love them all! Thinking of getting Cocoa Ravish next…

  • Eli says:

    I’m still looking for a dupe of Black Orchid as Tom Ford cosmetics aren’t available here in Bulgaria :(

  • Kate says:

    Eli – take a look at Karla’s MAC lipstick swatches, it seems there is something similar to Black Orchid there.

  • Verena says:

    Thanks for those! I think Sable Smoke (Adobe Smoke?) is missing also, isn’t it? I saw in on the Beauty Lookbook (

  • Evelyn says:

    So evil to have swatches up! lol I thought I’d escape this collection but Casablanca is calling to me. Unless I decide to go instead for my fav – Guerlain for the same price.

  • Christina says:

    These are gorgeous – esp. Cocoa Ravish, but $30-$32 is the max I’ll pay for a lippie

  • Rebecca says:

    So pretty and the formula sounds fantastic; but $48 for a lipstick? Yikes! No Tom Ford for me unfortunately. :(

  • baby in a corner says:

    I just bought wicked blush yesterday from the TF counter in brown thomas. I like it but i dunno if i LOVE enough for the price!

    I’m coveting casablanca l/s at the minute!

  • I really like the look of Indian Rose, Pink Adobe and Casablanca. I can’t really decide on which I like the most. I swatched Cherry Lush over the summer and really like it. Violet Fatale looks very interesting too! Thanks for the swatches :)

  • Laura says:

    I am not $48 worth of tempted, that’s for sure.

  • Jacii says:

    Oh certainly not! $48? For one lipstick? Normally prices don’t bother me, but oh my word. That’s way over the top, especially considering these shades are nothing special. $48…

  • Leila says:

    A few pretty colours, but the shades and packaging are nowhere near unique enough for that price and I doubt the quality is anything above and beyond other lower-priced high-end brands.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks his appearance in the promotional images adds absolutely nothing to the campaign?

  • Gail says:

    I have to agree with most comments, there is nothing to warrant a 48.00 price tag. If I did find myself paying 48.00 for a lipstick, please, someone knock some sense into me. I love Chanel, but I am not even doing this right now.

  • Ryan says:

    I sort of fell in love with the packaging and the whole asthetic of the line (I loved the old promo pics. The new one is…. boreing). Unfortunetly the price cant be justified. There doesnt seem to be anything exceptional about these. You can get a product just as good for $10.

  • Myisha Marsh says:

    Beautiful colors… but I’m not even sure if I HAD money like that I’d pay $48 for one lippie!

  • Niki says:

    I adore the colours but the promotional pictures Tom Ford keeps using all have gorgeous deep reds. Where are these, is what I want to know??? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cherry Lush is really pretty, but soo… bright. As is Crimson Noir (which totally doesn’t live up to it’s name). I just want a nice, deep, dark red – I guess somewhere between Scarlet Rouge and Crimson Noir. Like the colour in his promo pictures!

  • Bonney says:

    I think Revlon’s super lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry may be a dupe for Black Orchid! I don’t know as I haven’t seen the Tom Ford in person, but they certainly seem the same family!

  • Louise says:

    I need/want/desire the Cherry Lush, but the price is stopping me (they’re around £36.00 in the UK).
    Please please please has anyone seen swatches of cheaper lipsticks that look almost identical to the Cherry Lush?
    I will be so grateful! Thank you!

  • J says:

    I purchased the Cherry Lush Lipstick at Neiman Marcus as I fell prey to overzealous cosmetic saleswomen who swore to me that this lipstick is the best and that it does not bleed! It is revolting! It smells like rotten banana pancake batter and it bleeds over the top lip within the first 30 minutes wear. It fades away into nothingness. I am hugely disappointed especially at that price. I will stay with Christian Dior and Chanel any day. Shame on you, Mr. Ford!

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