Kate Somerville True Lash Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover

Kate Somerville, True Lash, Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup RemoverKate Somerville, you continue to dazzle me. Every product does just what it promises — why is that so surprising?

When I heard about Kate Somerville’s new lash-growing eye makeup remover, I was deeply skeptical. I’ve tried various non-prescription lash-growing products and found them ineffectual. What’s more, I was sure that any eye makeup remover that was ALSO supposed to do something else couldn’t be a particularly effective makeup remover.

My wonderful sales associate Sonya offered to make me a sample, and I happily accepted, expecting to prove myself right.

Well, right off the bat, this is a damn good eye makeup remover. It’s a “cold cream type” remover: you apply it to dry lids/lashes, massage, and then tissue off. It takes off everything in one application — mascara, liner (even tightlined). It’s really quite fantastic.

Once I’d discovered how great True Lash was at taking off makeup, I really wanted to use it like a normal eye makeup remover (you know, on both eyes). But for science, I committed to only using it on my right eye. How else could I really verify its lash-growing claims?

I meant to use True Lash diligently. Every night! I told myself. But I failed in my dedication to the scientific method. I’d forget to use it, or not wear makeup. I was thinking I’d have to ask for another sample and begin my experiment over. But then I went to the Tom Ford launch, and ended up taking some close-up eyelash photos. Wait a minute — were the lashes on the right longer?  I ran to my mirror. Yes! They were!

I was such a bad scientist, I didn’t even record the start-date of my experiment. But after what was probably a month of completely sporadic application, True Lash had INDEED lengthened my lashes. It doesn’t grow new hairs (so you won’t end up with hairy eyelids). I could not be more excited about this product (or more committed to using it regularly now).

True Lash Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover is $35 for a 1.7 oz tube (with a pump top, to avoid waste). It’s part of this totally awesome BeautyBloggers.org charity auction item (and you already know ExfoliKate is fantastic, right?). OR if you shop today at KateSomerville.com, you can take 30% off your order with code HOLIDAY2011.

And if you need to see the results for yourself before you take the plunge, call or visit the amazing Sonya at Neiman Marcus Northpark (214-363-8311). She’ll tell you everything you want to know about any product in the line (including what’s right for your skin concerns), and I know she’ll hook you up with samples.

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One Response to “Kate Somerville True Lash Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover”

  • OMG. So excited to try this….tired and tiny lashes need a lift and I’ve been too afraid to try any other method (as well as not wanting to look like a muppet). Thank you, I’m on it!

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