MAC Metal X

MAC, Metal X, promoMAC first released Metal X cream eyeshadows in 2007. They released them again in 2008 (as Brushed Metal X shadows in the Metal Urge collection). Now they’re back  for 2011/2012. I’d originally reported that the three releases were three different formulations; I have since learned that this is incorrect (it was the same formula all three times). They are best applied with fingers or a 242 brush, and you can wear them alone, or under powder shadows.

I find the promotional photo interesting, given that none of the shades is lip-safe.

Virgin Silver (a repromoted shade) is a shimmery white with silver sparkles. Palladium is my favorite, of course, a smoky, shimmery taupe (brown-silver). Gold Carbon is like a sexy smudge of grease. It’s brown-black with dense, multicolored rainbow shimmer. Cyber (another repromote) is cool silver shimmer with silver sparkles. Fusion Gold (the third and final repromote) is a shimmery beige pink. Rusty is shimmery copper with rainbow shimmers. Red Hot Copper is… well, red-copper with rainbow shimmer. Venetian Tarnish is a very brassy, dirty, golden-bronze shimmer. Vintage Coin is a sophisticated, shimmery olive green.
MAC, Metal X, swatches, 2011, 2012, Virgin Silver, Palladium, Gold Carbon, Cyber, Fusion Gold, Rusty, Red Hot Copper, Venetian Tarnish, Vintage Coin, Karla Sugar, KarlaSugar
The Metal X shades are $20 eachicon, all limited edition.

Have you tried multiple generations of Metal-X shadows? What do you think of the current incarnation?

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6 Responses to “MAC Metal X”

  • Jennifer . says:

    That’s interesting that you heard these were reformulated, since Christine from Temptalia got a response from MAC saying that they are the same as the original launch. Did MAC tell you something different?

    In any case, I wasn’t interested in these. The colors are pretty, but none of the colors seem unique. I would rather buy these colors in better formulas like MUFE’s, Bobbi Brown’s, Chanel’s, Giorgio Armani’s – even MAC’s own Paint Pots. I’m rather mystified as to the thought process behind what MAC re-releases and makes (extremely) limited.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hunh! I’ll try to verify my information with a second source.

  • Taj says:

    Prefer GA’s formula!

  • Sarah says:

    I have Palladium and love it! It doesn’t crease on me. I apply it with my fingers and it works great!

  • Alexis says:

    Vintage Coin is worth looking at in person. I remember not being the biggest fan of this formula when it first debuted – I was pretty ‘meh’ about it but I may give it another go around!

  • Donna says:

    I have too many bad experiences with MAC Metal shadows, still have nightmares! I also have too many good shadows to waste more money on MAC Metal shadows. If they work for you, then I can certainly understand why you would want them, the colors are beautiful, but I’m done wasting time and money on the MAC Metal collections, I’ll save my money and my time for another MAC collection. :)

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