A Base Coat Observation

Seche RebuildI think I’ve shared with you the vicious cycle that, until ~3 years ago, kept me from having nails of any length. My nails are naturally prone to peeling. Some minor impact causes the layers to separate; losing layers leaves the tips thinner and weaker; and when I invariably knock my hand into something, they break.

In 2009, Seche (the company that makes topcoat Seche Vite) came out with three basecoats: Retain (for healthy nails), Rebuild (for soft, peeling, weak, thin nails), and Recondition (for brittle, inflexible, prone-to-breaking nails). I’ve been using Rebuild as a basecoat since it hit the market, with excellent results. When I first started posting on-nail polish swatches, I titled them “Look at my nails!” because I couldn’t believe how nice they looked.

Butter London Nail FoundationAnyway, a few months ago, AlexandraRC introduced me to Butter London’s basecoat, Nail Foundation. This stuff is SO COOL. It dries crazy-fast (major benefit when you have a puppy), to a matte finish (which is great because you know when it’s dry). But best of all, it really acts like (skintoned) foundation for your nails. It masks Visible Nail Line under sheer polishes, without affecting the color of the polish at all. I’ve been using it exclusively for a few months now.

Unfortunately, I’m really noticing the absence of Rebuild. I thought that merely keeping my nails polished was protecting them from themselves. But Rebuild makes a real and noticeable difference; my nails split less when I’m using it regularly.

I’ll still use Nail Foundation — especially for sheer polishes — but I’ve realized it can’t be my one-and-only.

Rebuild is $9 ($7 at Sally’s, if you have a card). Nail Foundation is $18icon.

Click here to read about my complete nail ritual.

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7 Responses to “A Base Coat Observation”

  • Shannon says:

    I must try this one out! I never wear polish on my fingernails for very long at a time because it causes them to peel. Fingers crossed that this one will help where others have failed! Thanks for posting! :)

  • TPL says:

    I’ve had really good luck with Julep nail therapy for peeling nails.

  • Black. says:

    I must try SV base coat, maybe retain or rebuild because I love their top coat so much!

  • AlexandraRC says:

    Hi *waves* I loved rebuild, it got rid of most of my peelies in just one month. But, nail polish did not stay on my nails for more than a couple of hours, with some lacquers it didn’t even dry :/ I sometimes think I bought a bad bottle, maybe. But it was not compatible with most of my nail polishes. I am using Qtica now, it’s ok, still testing it. Have you experienced chipping with seche?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hey pretty lady! I have not had any problems with Rebuild as a basecoat, but I’m not sure what part of my “miracle combination” is responsible for manicure durability. My go-to is:
    1 coat Rebuild
    2 coats polish (usually. Unless it’s a glitter or something)
    1 coat Seche Vite
    1 coat Color Club Vivid (topcoat refresher)

    It almost doesn’t matter what brand of polish I use, nothing chips with this combo.

  • @jennycove says:

    Hello Ms Sugar :-) Wanted to let you know Butter London made a few bucks today based on this post. Am in love with the idea of a base coat that has a skintone color to it! Of course when I was on the website I could’nt help but pick a polish or two. So lets see, in the past couple weeks, Neimans has gotten an order and now Butter London. If I buy based on your reviews there must be a ton of others that do. I hope that the vendors are generous with you :-) BTW, any scoop on Chanel Summer 2012? :-)

  • AlexandraRC says:

    @ KarlaSugar: thank you! I will give it another try <3

    @ jennycove: this website is the best shopping guide, isn't it? I also buy based on Karla's reviews and I find that it actually saves me money, because I go straight to the good stuff ^.^

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