Neiman Marcus Beauty Market: Guerlain/Pucci Sneak Peek

Guerlain, Pucci, Terra Azzurra, Bronzing Powder and BlushHang on to your hats, ladies: Guerlain is reviving its partnership with Pucci to create an utterly breathtaking summer collection — Terra Azzurra. (And I got a sneak peek at the products in New York!)

The collection is quite extensive, but everything is limited edition.

The star of the collection is “the Italian Riviera in a box,” the glorious Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder and Blush ($75). The powder is housed in a dark wood compact with a magnetic closure (to open, you twist the lid, then lift). There’s a mirror in the lid, and the powder has a delicious Tiare flower scent. As beautiful as these details are, it’s the powder that will make you swoon.

Half the pan is bronzer, the other half is a trio of blush shades (meant to be combined; the stripes are too narrow to use individually). Click the image to view at full size — it’s worth it to see the tiny shimmers in the blush. Oh, and the compact comes in a protective Pucci-print pouch. I cannot wait for this to hit counters.

There is also a new and limited edition set of Meteorites ($58): Meteorites Perles d’Azur. (Isn’t the box so gorgeous?) The pearls inside are blue, pink, beige, orange, ivory, and white gold. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they combine into. There’s also a Pucci Meteorites brush: dark wood handle, indigo bristles, and a Pucci-print-fabric carrying case to match the Terra Azzurra case ($38).
Guerlain, Pucci, Terra Azzurra
Guerlain, Pucci, nail polishI am so thrilled at the return of Guerlain’s Khol Kajal ($36, a “crayon” style eyeliner meant to be worn on your waterline), this time in #02 Blu Acqua (which, I’ve heard, goes indigo blue on some, blue-purple on others).

And — stop the presses — there are two nail polishes in this collection. Creme coral Paradisio and shimmery indigo blue Riviera. Each is $22.

There’s a new eyeshadow quad, 13 Capri ($59), and Le 2 Mascara in #14 Blu 2 Pucci ($36). There are also three Terracotta Glosses ($30.50): Porto Fino is coral, Porto Ercole is spicy brown, and Porto Azzurro is indigo blue (pretty dramatic in the tube, but sheer on the lips).
Guerlain, Pucci, Terra Azzurra, powder, brush
This collection hits counters in May. Until then, please enjoy some more picture porn:
Guerlain, Pucci, Capri, eyeshadow quad
Guerlain, Pucci, kajal, eyeliner
Guerlain, Pucci, Terracotta gloss, Porto Fino, Porto Ercole, Porto Azzurro

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4 Responses to “Neiman Marcus Beauty Market: Guerlain/Pucci Sneak Peek”

  • Juli says:

    Gosh, it looks awesome! Not sure if I can keep myself away from this bronzer… The eyeshadows look great (even if I´m not really into matte pink colours) and the brush is so cute… Definetly looking foward to it!

  • Aleeza says:

    Ooh pretty! I need that bronzer/blush in my life! xx

  • Chiara says:

    What a lovely packaging!

  • wendy says:

    I really like the look of the eyeshadow quad ..can’t wait to bring it home with me. :D

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