Neiman Marcus Beauty Market: What’s in Kelly’s Purse?

Kelly St. John, Neiman MarcusOne of the best bits of silly fun during beauty market was peeking into everybody’s makeup bags. Neiman Marcus beauty buyers have really seen (and tried) it all, so it’s fascinating to see what their “holy grails” are. And I got an extra thrill from seeing which products were nearly used up (usage speaks louder than words).

When it comes to daily necessities, some ladies are minimalists, and some are maximalists. And then some of us just forgot how many lip products were in our handbags already.

Kelly St. John is the Vice President Divisional Merchandise Manager (DMM) for and (which basically means captain of the online buying team). Of all the ladies on our team, I thought Kelly had the most similar tastes to mine — both in terms of color/product selection and in terms of how much she likes to carry with her (which is on the lighter side).

This was a larger-than-usual day assortment for her — her “prepared for anything” arsenal. (Which really just means a few more lip options.)

First, the bag itself: a Stephanie Johnson Large Flat Pouch in Palm Desert Orange (orange with a tree-ring, pale gold pattern). Kelly says she likes the large pouch because it can hold your makeup during the day, and double as a clutch for evenings out. She also has the complementary Palm Desert snap mirror.

In that bag: Tom Ford Translucent Illuminating Powder (look at that pan porn!), Tom Ford lipstick in Casablanca (swatched here), Edward Bess lipstick in Pure Impulse (swatched here), Trish McEvoy Flawless Lip Color in Seduction (click-pen lipgloss), Chanel Glossimer in Sesame, Estee Lauder Automatic Lip Pencil Duo, and Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift.
Kelly St. John, Neiman Marcus

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4 Responses to “Neiman Marcus Beauty Market: What’s in Kelly’s Purse?”

  • susan says:

    Wait… Please don’t tell me that is ALL the m/u she uses! No eyeshadow or blush? Tinted moisturizer? MASCARA???

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Oh goodness no! This isn’t everything she packed, just what she carries in her purse for a full day of nonstop meetings.

  • Cathy says:

    Hi! Do you know what color/ brand blush she is wearing in the picture? Looks great on her and my coloring is close to hers.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Luckily, Cathy, Kelly’s been wearing the same blush for the past 16 years (!!!): NARS Riviera Multiple (with the Maldives Multiple to contour).

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