Stephanie Johnson Malibu bags

You guys already know I’m a fan of Stephanie Johnson bags. And since I usually do my beauty shopping with you (in the form of blogging), I thought I’d share the latest object of my obsession: her Malibu pattern.

This fabric doesn’t look that flashy on her website (and it’s not available in every store, to see in person), but once I played with it, I was hooked. Malibu has a durable, semi-shine, easy-to-clean, “crinkle patent” exterior in a palette of bright, happy colors. Stephanie herself owns one of each (an advantage of owning the company) and uses the different colors to remember what’s in each bag.
Stephanie Johnson, large pouch, Malibu, Coral, Lime, Royal, Lemon, Orange, Aqua
The Malibu pattern is also restricted to the large, medium, and small pouches – my favorite bags, after the ML Traveler. (The wonderful folks at Stephanie Johnson, Inc., took this indoor photo of all the colors together in large-flat-pouch size — thanks, guys!)

The mini pouch is the perfect size for “single day” essentials (concealer, a pack of q-tips, a lipstick or two, GWP-size mascara, lash comb, eyeliner, pencil sharpener). If I’m going to the gym (or going to get a facial), but meeting up with someone afterwards, this is what I’ll need to look presentable. And the coral color just makes me so happy. (I’m afraid it gets washed out next to that screaming orange in the top photo, but it’s so pretty.)
Stephanie Johnson, mini pouch, Malibu Aqua
Stephanie Johnson, Mini Pouch, Coral Malibu
I like the medium and large sizes too, both for traveling, and for using as a clutch at home. If Mr. Salt and I are attending someone’s backyard party, the medium size is perfect for smart phone, lip color, credit card, and ID. The large size is great if I need more (keys, wallet).

Doesn’t that coral just make you want to smile?
Stephanie Johnson, medium flat pouch, Malibu Coral
This photo is some of Stephanie’s bags on her most recent trip to Dallas (large flat pouch, medium flat pouch, and mini pouch).
Stephanie Johnson, large pouch, medium pouch, mini pouch, Coral, Aqua, Lemon, Malibu
They’re all beautiful, but Coral, Aqua, and Lemon are just (in the words of Jacobim Mugatu) so hot right now.

Are you loving these as much as I am?

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3 Responses to “Stephanie Johnson Malibu bags”

  • Valerie says:

    Thinking of ordering some during the Stephanie Johnson Friends and Family sale- going on now! :)

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