Tom Ford Spring 2012

Tom Ford, spring 2012 displayA few months ago, my Tom Ford sales associate tipped me off that the line would release a limited seasonal collection for spring/summer 2012. I was both excited and surprised — somehow I imagined that Tom Ford’s line was born perfect, and therefore would never change.

In 2007, Tom Ford collaborated with Estee Lauder on a summer collection that gave rise to Estee Lauder’s annual Bronze Goddess tradition. I think that collection deeply affected Mr. Ford as well — his spring/summer season also celebrates that bronzed, smoldering sexpot in a white swimsuit on a beach on the Riviera.

Mr. Ford’s collection is fairly straightforward: four cream eyeshadows and four corresponding nail polishes. There’s also a sheer golden lipgloss. All nine products are limited edition.

The collection also repromotes permanent blushes Savage and Love Lust, which I didn’t reswatch (I’m still happy with these swatches of them).
Tom Ford, spring 2012, swatches, Gold Haze, Silver Smoke, Burnt Topaz, Burnished Rouge, Guilt, Platinum, Spice, Illicit, Gold Dust, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I was surprised by how much I love the cream shadows. They’re quite pigmented, with a very soft, mousse-like texture — they’re really easy to use. One quick swipe over the lids (using your fingers) and you’ve got that perfect, effortless summer look. Add eyeliner and mascara and you’re a Tom Ford dream girl.

Guilt is a sparkly yellow gold. Platinum is fawn brown with silver shimmer. Spice is a warm, golden brown with golden shimmer. Illicit is red brown shimmer with gold sparkle. The shadows are $40 each.

One word of advice: be careful traveling with these. I had one in my purse (wanted to show a friend). The top unscrewed itself, and the product made the most amazing mess. I’m not sure whether I’m more upset about losing the product, or the fact that cream shadow is now ground into everything I own. Oy. I think if I wanted to take these on the road, I might secure the top with painters tape.

The polishes are all frosts or frost/foils, which isn’t my favorite finish, though the colors are pretty. Gold Haze is a dull, beaten gold. Silver Smoke is a pale, cool gold. Burnt Topaz is a golden brown. Burnished Rouge is a dull burgundy, theatre-seat red. The polishes are $30 each.

In the regular line, Tom Ford’s lipglosses are cream finish and $45 — except for Lip Lacquer Vinyl, which is a clear, shimmery/sparkly gloss (for anytime you want to add shimmer). Gold Dust is that product’s golden counterpart, a shimmery yellow gold that slightly mutes the color of Mr. Ford’s very vibrant lipsticks, and gives them a gold finish and a wet look. Gold Dust Lip Lacquer is $30 (as is Lip Lacquer Vinyl).

The collection is available at NeimanMarcus.comicon (free shipping with code SPRINGFS).

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4 Responses to “Tom Ford Spring 2012”

  • Jessica says:

    Painter’s tape is good. Plumber’s tape is better. It’s not sticky at all–just a stretchy plastic material that sticks to itself. (But much better than cling wrap). If you’re careful unwrapping it, you can reuse it.

  • tammy says:

    Karla, what are your thoughts on the nail polishes, regular line included. Do they apply nicely, etc?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Tammy, I haven’t yet tried them on my nails, but I will report back.

  • lisa says:

    Tom Ford bronzer simply the best bronzer ever.
    I have tried everything. Laura Mercier, lancome,
    even the cheaper brands maybelline, even jLo’s version , all of them just ok. This bronzer is everything I was looking for and it delivers. A bit pricey but its huge and will last it covers without making you look like you stepped into a tanning salon all natural the best and the lipstick is the same well worth it. I like his line because he does not make you dizzy with so many choices of the same thing. Its clean and wonderful my new addiction. The perfume is also fabulous.

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